New 2014 Padres ST-BP Hat

For the 2013 season, New Era released a whole new line of Spring Training/Batting Practice hats.  Some were awesome, others not so much.  The Padres fell into the category of worst hat ever.  It was two-tone with the navy blue on the front and white on the back.  Really?  White on the back?  Early on in Spring Training, I was wondering why none of the photos showed the players wearing the new hats.  It’s because they despised them.   I gave it the benefit of the doubt, as I tend to do here in Padres Public as the minority “blue” supporter, but once I saw it in person and on the players, I agreed with the masses that the hat was terrible.

Fast forward to 2014.  I am pleasantly surprised that they made a change!   The two tone is still there, but reversed with white on front and blue on back.  This is much more appealing to the eyes.   This same two-tone, white front design is shared by a number of other teams too and definitely works.  I think this hat will now go better with our Spring Training-BP jerseys.  Thank you for making the change Padres, I will now buy and wear this hat proudly.

Padres Hat

***UPDATE*** According to, this hat is intended to be an “alternate batting practice cap”.  I hope the Padres decide to ditch the 2013 model altogether and go with the new one.

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