Nebraska Padres


I realize this is a Padres baseball blog and that is exactly what I am going to write about, well mostly.  See you readers may not know but after growing up in San Diego my parents moved us to the land of corn, Nebraska. Yes we have a college football team here.  Lincoln has an Independent League baseball team the Saltdogs so I get some baseball here but it’s not MLB, and not the Padres.

So as you can tell from the photograph I have a Padre baseball room in my house. Yes really. No doubt the only one in the state, probably the only one in the Midwest. There are a lot of Cubs and Royals fans around here so they sympathize with me about less than perfect baseball teams year after year.  So here I am in a town of 475 people. That’s right less than 500 peeps here in Palmer, Nebraska.  I like it. Sure no baseball in football country but no traffic or high priced real estate either.

I do miss PETCO Park, and heck the “Q” for that matter.  Another bad thing about being a Padre fan in Nebraska is the fact that they are NEVER EVER on television unless they are playing the Cubs. But I don’t have cable so I don’t get those games either, there’s the rub.  You probably asked yourself about ten minutes ago, “So why don’t you move?”  Well I like it here, seriously. I will wait until you finish laughing.  You can take a Padre out of San Diego, but you can’t take San Diego out of the Padre fan.  Something like that.

So for 2013 I am looking forward to the regular season to start but I have a feeling that it will again be another long season for the Friars. I mean when Freddy Garcia is your biggest acquisition of the offseason (and now he is released!), then the table is set for a long season. None the less baseball is here and I still bleed Padre brown.

Go Pads!


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  • padresfuture

    As a die hard husker and padre fan, right on !

    • padresfuture

      There are only a few of us out there

  • Chris Kelly

    Nice! I was born in NE and went to college there. I’ve always been a Padres fan…so another NE-SD connection!

  • Count me as one more born-in-Nebraska Padre fan. That said, we moved to SoCal when I was about two, but many summers when growing up included trips to the Cornhusker state, which to me was a magical place (and in many ways still is). My mom moved back there after my dad passed away and lived in Oakdale, a town of about 300, and my uncle Jerry (at age 103) is in Page, population about 150. So I’d say you live in a booming metropolis.

    Even though you don’t have cable (or satellite, apparently), you do have internet, right? How could you blog without it? Should be able to watch EVERY Padre game via,yes?

    Go Big Red! Go Padres! TOGETHER!

    • Fish

      Great to hear from you guys. I thought I was the only one, ha ha. Yeah I moved to San Diego when I was three and lived there until I was about 16. my parents moved us back to Nebraska and after college I came out there again on my own for a few years.
      Lonnie, I too used to visit the magical state every summer, then California became the magical state. Some day I can take my girls to a Padre game in San Diego and they can experience it first hand.
      Enjoyed your guys comments-FISH