The 78 Days of All-Star voting

On Monday afternoon I received an e-mail from the Padres, soliciting my All-Star votes for a group of Padre players. The date was April 28th. Yes, I said April. At the time, the team’s record was at 12-14 which means that they were a mere 16% of the way through the 2014 season at that point. Is that really enough time to decide whether or not who is an All-Star? The game is going to be played on July 15th, which was still 78 days or 1,872 hours or 112,320 minutes or 6,739,200 seconds away from when that e-mail was sent. Yeah I think it’s safe to say that there is still plenty of time to assess who should get my vote.

This is no knock on the Padres though because every MLB team sent out an e-mail that was the same format but team specific. Also despite my complaints about the early date, voting actually started on April 24th last year (83 days out) and on April 20th in 2012 (81 days out), so technically this year is later than the last two years, yet for some reason it always feels more rushed than the last. How long until voting begins in Spring Training? I wonder if John Roskos would have had a shot with the 2000 N.L. squad?

I would also like to add that some of the players I was told to vote for are as follows:

Carlos Quentin – Has not played a single inning this year
Yonder Alonso – Currently hitting .172
Jedd Gyorko – .144
Chase Headley – .186 and on the DL currently
Will Venable – .207

That’s a group that is struggling badly at the plate right now and it’s safe to say even they probably wouldn’t vote for themselves for the All-Star game at this point. It’s bad enough that each team has to be represented in the game, but by having every team send out an e-mail at the same time, so early in the season with an entire lineup, it just screams popularity contest and makes the All-Star game become even more watered down than it already was. I’ll vote for the players who I think are deserving much closer to the game, thank you very much. Then again, what’s the point? By that time the entire Cardinals roster will be in the lead and Derek Jeter will be the starting shortstop for the A.L. Go home All-Star voting, you’re drunk.

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