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For all you cool cats reading this right now with that special lady in your life, here is your free Valentines Day reminder. It’s today. If you already have things taken care of then high five to you Daddy-O! On the flip side if you haven’t, then get out there right now and get something quick. Make sure it’s something revealing and something chocolatey. Oh, and get a Barry White mix tape while you’re at it. I’ll wait….

OK, good you’re back. You just made your night a whole lot better.

Now there has been a lot of bickering in the Padresland lately. I had a scathing review of the Padres Promotional Schedule* scheduled to post today, but realized that it’s Valentines Day. I can’t be angry or negative on the day of love. So instead I hit up all of Padres Public and the RJ’s Fro Twitter followers to find out what they love about the Padres.

RJ’s Fro “SDPads1” –  “I love meeting all you fellow Padres fans. I love going to Petco Park for Day games. I love going to Petco Park for night games. I love bobblehead giveaways. I love all the craft beer options we have. I love Tony Gwynn, Randy Jones, Trevor Hoffman, Dave Winfield and yes even you Steve Garvey. I love the brown and mustard. I love the Friar and the Pad Squad. I love hearing Ted & Jerry call games on the radio together. I love Spring Training. I love craft beer (again!). I love “star” worthy plays. I love being in my seat at first pitch and sticking around until the final out. And I love you, the readers. Without you we would all be writing this gibberish for no reason.”

The Vocal Minority “David” – “I love brown, gold, and the smile on the face of a monk swinging a bat.”

The Ghost of Ray Kroc – “I love $10 24oz local craft beers. I love Mudcat’s sweet lids. I love Dickisms. I love second-guessing Bud Black. I love the starting rotation. I love the Frazee paint can. I love the Fox Sports stage in the Park at the Park. I love Chill Venorfia/Venorable. I love Yasmani Grandal’s apology (despite having not heard it yet). I love the fact that people still buy and eat the McRib despite the obvious health risks. I love sarcasm.”
(Editors Note: Ghost, I don’t even know anymore when you are being sarcastic or not. Do you?)

RJ’s Fro “Beautown” – “I love having my heart broken every year by the Padres, only for them to come back to my doorstep in February and beg for forgiveness and take them back. I’m a sucker and I always do. I also love how they brought in the fences so we can watch competitive baseball again!”

Padres Trail – “I love Throwback Thursdays with only organ music. I love the salute to veterans before every game. I love watching Clayton Richard get it and chuck it.”

Left Coast Bias – “I love sitting in Petco at dusk, about to watch first pitch, with a Big Eye IPA in my hand. I love the activity in the Park at the Park before a game. I love watching the closer come in in a tight game. I love the instant electricity of a walk-off HR. I love the 1lb hot dog from Randy Jones. And I love the Friar. Think it’s a great mascot. And all Friar incarnations (Frankenfriar, Momma Friar).”

Avenging Jack Murphy – “I love peering through a sea of Barbies only to see a Tim Stauffer poster hanging on my daughter’s wall. I love sitting in the stands drinking a cold beer with my dad on a lazy Wednesday in July. I also love triples. Will we get those this year?”

Son of a Duck – “I love: Gazing at the San Diego skyline in the eighth inning of a scoreless tie, Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman & Beerfest”

The Sacrifice Bunt “Melvin” – “I love talking smack to fans of opposing teams. I love meeting other Padres fans who I know nothing about yet share a strong love for the team and finding shared experiences. I love high fiving strangers after a Padres home run.”

The Vocal Minority “Nate” – “I love baseball. Everything about it. I was sad when they made the fake to third pick-off move a balk recently, because it was part of baseball and I loved it. I love rooting for the underdog. I love San Diego. Add it all up and I’ve got no choice but to love the Padres.”

I also hit up Twitter for some answers last night:


*Don’t worry, the thrashing will still go down next week, when all this love BS is done with

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