Come to the Dark Side Jimmy Kimmel

*This is kind of old now, but I never got a chance to write about it

I’m a huge Jimmy Kimmel Live fan. I watch it all the time and have even been to a couple shows in person. When he made the switch to 11:35PM on January the 8th, I tried getting tickets right away for that show, but in the end I failed (stuck on the wait list).

During that show Jimmy was interviewing Jennifer Aniston and apparently he’s pretty good friends with her fiance Justin Theroux. They recently went on vacation together and Jen just so happened to show off some pictures on the show from that trip. Here is one of those pictures:


Wait a second. Is that a….? No, it couldn’t be.  Let’s look closer.


It is! Brown. Swing Friar. It’s a throwback Padres shirt that he’s wearing. Jimmy you sly dog! You can’t sneak anything Padres by me. Now let’s be clear Jimmy has stated for years now that he is a Mets fan.


Of course he is also a HUGE Steve Garvey fan so I’m assuming this is where the Padres connection is.

I then tweeted Padres President Tom Garfinkel saying that we needed to get Jimmy to throw out the first pitch before a game this year.

In an episode this week with Mike Piazza, Jimmy told him that he WAS a Dodgers fan but when they let Garvey walk and then got rid of Piazza years later (who is another one of his all-time favorite players) he made the switch to Mets fandom. It’s also interesting that both Garvey & Piazza are former Padres. I’m willing to step up the 1st Pitch idea even more by saying that Jimmy needs to throw out the first pitch with The Garv by his side and Piazza catching it. Make it happen Padres. Make it happen.

Watch the Aniston video here:

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