Cary Chow’s Padres Public Shout Outs!

Do you remember Cary Chow? Of course you do, he was the original host of Padres POV before he was taken from us by ESPN shortly after shooting the Padres and Pints episode.  He may be gone but he has not forgotten us here in San Diego.

During the Padres Public haiku frenzy we sent him a haiku.

He replied with a haiku of his own!

Then the Ghost commented on his “reign of terror” and Cary vowed to “Return like the Jedi”

Nothing happened for a while then out of the blue he returned….like a Jedi, and started to give out some shout outs to Padres Public during Padres highlights!

On May 11th the first one struck…. (NOTE: ESPN apparently removes the video after a day or so)

Then Avenging Jack Murphy mistakenly criticized the shout out and remarked with snark…..

…Cary then responded by giving the Avenger-in-Chief a shout out on May 12th.

Which the Chief then quickly realized his earlier mistake and apologized for.

Then it was the Fro’s turn for a shout out and the video is still up!

Thanks for thinking of us Cary! Who will be the next shout out??? Keep tuning in to see!

SDPads1 of RJ’s Fro can often be found causing trouble wherever he goes. I Tweet. I book the Face. I even have plussed the Google once or twice.

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