peter griffinThere is a song from the 1980s called, “I Love L.A.,” by Randy Newman. Well I do love L.A. right now because they are making the Padres look great. The San Diego Padres are at least three games up on the SMELL-A Dodgers (you’re welcome long time Friar fans).

Yes in the offseason the Dodgers organization and team President Magic Johnson spent money like it was never going to be printed again. What has it gotten them, in the words of George Costanza, “Bubkiss!”   The Dodgers are dead last in the NL West  and nobody can explain why? Especially not manager Don Mattingly (who might want to polish up the ole resume).

Speaking of songs, the Beatles had a hit with, “You Can’t Buy Me Love,” and that is what Johnson and his group are trying to do, buy their fans love. The Dodgers payroll of $216,597,577 is second to only the New York Yankees amongst the highest in baseball. It is roughly $133,000,000 higher than the Padres, and yet, the Friars are playing better baseball. Now let’s give credit where credit is due, Bud Black is one hell of a manager.  I mean, let’s be honest, he doesn’t have much to work with. It’s like giving Jimmie Johnson a bike and telling him to ride it in the Daytona 500. He will do his best with what he is given, but nobody expects much.  Similar case with Black.

The Dodgers were expected to win, or least be in contention, with seven World Series titles to their name (one for Brooklyn and six for Los Angeles).  The Padres have been to the big show only twice and have never won it.  Coming into the 2013 season, the Dodgers were favored on paper to not only win their division, but to win the World Series by most baseball publications. Not to mention take over some small third world countries. Okay made up that last part.  As of now the Dodgers have nothing to show for it — Zack Greinke just came off the DL and Hanley Ramirez is still on it. Kemp is on the DL, and Mattingly is chewing his fingernails.

Where will the Padres and the Dodgers be at the end of the season?  Only time will tell, but the real question may be, “Where will Bud Black and Don Mattingly be at season’s end?” Perhaps not facing each other in opposite dugouts if Donny Baseball gets the axe.


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  • DaveRiceSD

    There is a song from the 1990s called “Fuck L.A.!” by Goldfinger. I prefer this band’s sentiments. Money quote: “I’ve had more motorcycles stolen there than Nirvana has songs about doing heroin.”