Just as I was starting to build up a crisp golden tan, thanks to finally emerging from my parents basement for the first time since 2007, I completely tear my ACL and get sucked back in with all these other nerds…..and Hacksaw’s plumber. Goodbye tan.

All of those plans that I had for this season are all of a sudden on the back burner, thanks to a fluke play in indoor soccer. So here I am blogging and trying to stay off my feet as much as possible until my surgery. C’est la vie.

There’s a lot to cover since I last posted on August 28th about #BSPlaza.

First of all, the Padres signed Clint Barmes guys! I kid, I’m not going back that far.

I’d like to dip into the battles for the number 5 spot in the rotation and the starting 3rd base spot first.

#5 in the rotation, #1 in my heart

When the Padres first signed Brandon Morrow I was pretty excited.

I’ve admired Morrow’s stuff from a far for years. When he’s on, he’s absolutely un-hittable. The guy once struck out 17 batters in a game and came within one out of a no-hitter in 2010. He also posted a Game Score of 100 for that particular game, which at the time, was tied for the 4th highest score since 1920. That’s pretty damn impressive.

However, injuries have derailed his career. In 2012 he had oblique issues, followed by an entrapped radial nerve in his right forearm in 2013 and a torn tendon sheath in his right hand last year. All of this has resulted in a combined 212.1 IP over the past three seasons.

Odrisamer Despaigne occasionally impressed last season, but also looked very hittable at times, as well.

He did provide excellent #ODHAU all season though and gave us one of the weirdest grips known to man.


So let’s look how each has fared so far this Spring.

Despaigne has started 2 games, appeared in 3 and has thrown 8.2 IP. He’s struck out 6, walked 2, allowed 11 hits and 2 earned runs.

Morrow has also started 2 games, appeared in 3 and has thrown 9 IP. He’s struck out 7, walked 2, allowed 9 hits and 1 earned run.

Almost identical numbers, as both have impressed so far. Definitely not a bad problem to have at all. But the catch here is that Despaigne still has options and can be sent to Triple-A.

A quick Twitter poll yesterday, shows that 12 out of 13 voters thought Morrow should or would end up in the 5 spot.

Final Verdict: I’m all in on Morrow. In fact, I’ll go as far as say if he can stay healthy, he’ll have the best season among all the Padres starters.

When AJ Preller was on a trading spree, Will Middlebrooks was one of those players where you weren’t sure if he was guaranteed to start right away, but was still an exciting acquisition. Would they start him in Triple-A or would he be thrown in to the Padres lineup right away? He’s struggled for most of his Major League career slashing .237/.284/.411 and striking out roughly once every 3.5 at bats for his career. Keep in mind that he is still only 26 years old though and battled through hand and wrist injuries the past 2 seasons with Boston.

Yangervis Solarte filled in admirably at third for the departed Chase Headley last year, hitting .267 with 4 homers and 17 RBI’s in 217 at bats. He seems more suited for a super utility role where he played 2nd, 3rd, SS and LF last season for the Padres, as opposed to starting daily.

The thought process going into Spring seemed to be if Middlebrooks could have a solid showing, then the job would be his.

Middlebrooks has gone 10 for 27  w/2 homers and 5 RBI’s while slashing .370/.393/.667 but has an 8:1 K:BB

Solarte has gone 11 for 32 w/0 homers and 2 RBI’s while slashing .344/.382/.406 and having a more respectable 4:2 K:BB

Once again, the battle is close with both guys having a solid Spring.

Twitter seems to favor Middlebrooks too, picking him in 9 of the 13 votes with 1 vote going to Hector Olivera and 3 votes for Solarte.

Final Verdict: Middlebrooks. I just personally like his upside so much more than Solarte’s. I think that Solarte is still a useful player and will get at bats, but Middlebrooks deserves the shot and will be a key to this teams success this season.


I recently came across a Darren Rovell tweet. For my own sanity, I don’t follow him, but from time to time I’ll see some of his stuff retweeted onto my feed and this time it caught my eye.

That’s all the 2015 promotions and giveaways by MLB teams (except the Blue Jays), assembled by Score Big, an online ticket site. They list the Padres as 2nd to last with only 13, while the league average is 30.

When the Padres 2015 Promotional Schedule came out, I almost came out of retirement to write about it. It was bland. It was boring. It was lazy. It was uninspired. It….wasn’t worth my time. So when I saw this, I wasn’t shocked.

However, I’m not sure how or where they gathered their information from (they didn’t respond to my tweet asking), because a quick scan of the Padres promotional lineup and I only count 11 giveaways (fedora, 2015 calendar, MLB Network reusable bag, hoodie, replica jersey, beach towel, Petco Park replica, Knockaround sunglasses, replica throwback jersey, Dri-fit shirt and a team photo). Maybe they counted the grab bag giveaway of leftover items from previous games and the schedule cling, that is given away with the fedora, as well? Or are they including things like fireworks nights and beerfests as well? If so the Padres number should be higher then.

To compare, the Dodgers have more giveaways than the Padres entire season by May 27th and they have 37 for the whole year. So once again, I’m not sure where they get their numbers from because if you include their other non-giveaway promotion nights, they are much higher than 50.

Regardless of whether or not those particular numbers are correct, the Padres still had an awful showing in that department this year and it was the worst it has been in years. Maybe they’ll add some more like they did a few years back.

We’ve all been Rovell’d again.

Will Ferrell Rules

I just wanted to write his name so I can link to his Baseball Reference page. I absolutely loved every single minute of that day though.

 Swingin’, Fieldin’, Pitchin’ & Slidin’ Friars

Earlier this week, the artist formerly known as Sac Bunt Ray asked this question:

I recalled seeing them all in an old program that I had and after a little digging, found them.



And as an added bonus, here is my personal favorite, the burger flipping Friar from the 1984 Padres Cookbook.


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