2016 Padres ST Uniforms Underwhelm

Padres STI sure did have my hopes up for some new Padres Spring Training gear.  #BringBackTheYellow was in full effect with the new Home “All-Star” jerseys and of course the new Brown alternates.  This was the #Padres chance to be bold and make some money this Spring.   FAIL.

MLB announced the new 2016 Spring Training uniforms today and there were some bold choices in the lot.  Check out this post over at Sportslogos.net summarizing the new uniforms.  My focus was on our Padres and what they decided to go with for 2016.  Brown?  No.  Yellow?  Of course not.  Plain Blue & White?  YOU BETCHA!   Basically they, took our ST/BP hat from last year and took out the sand outline on the “SD”.  And then, they took our current road alternate blue jersey and called it a day.   Well, they did slap the “AZ” patch, but all the teams get that.  MLB and the Padres missed a “golden” opportunity to increase merch sales and strengthen the new “alleged” rebrand.  I give these new Padres uniforms an F for effort, marketing, and creativity.


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  • Sac Bunt Chris

    Is that the same hat? Looks like they went with a bell shape this year, which I dig as it’s uniquely Padres and matches the bell on the new brown alt hat. I also dig that they removed the sand in the hat since it’s difficult to distinguish against the white and blurs together form a distance. It sucks it’s not brown, or even blue/yellow, but they did well otherwise. The SD is a great mark.

  • Billy Lybarger

    I fell asleep looking at the uniform. Wake me when they get creative.

  • Rob

    I was also disappointed, hoped for maybe a friar on the hat with yellow outline or a brown alternate. Maybe a friar on the jersey instead of the SD. But as always we get the boring uniform picks.

  • OBomb

    The whole re-brand for 2016 has been completely strange and woefully inconsistent. There are still strong remnants of the old look including players making offseason appearances wearing the new (old) blue alternate with that old Petco Park alternate team logo on the sleeve. Then you introduce a new word mark and slap it on every internet advertisement but still insist on selling merchandise with the old cursive word mark. Then to top it all off, they don’t introduce a new primary logo with the new uniform set. But to make this all the more confusing was the news that the home All-Star jersey is only commemorative and that we may get yet another re-brand for 2017. Nothing about any of this makes sense at all and it all seems lost, kind of like the franchise.