Padres STI sure did have my hopes up for some new Padres Spring Training gear.  #BringBackTheYellow was in full effect with the new Home “All-Star” jerseys and of course the new Brown alternates.  This was the #Padres chance to be bold and make some money this Spring.   FAIL.

MLB announced the new 2016 Spring Training uniforms today and there were some bold choices in the lot.  Check out this post over at summarizing the new uniforms.  My focus was on our Padres and what they decided to go with for 2016.  Brown?  No.  Yellow?  Of course not.  Plain Blue & White?  YOU BETCHA!   Basically they, took our ST/BP hat from last year and took out the sand outline on the “SD”.  And then, they took our current road alternate blue jersey and called it a day.   Well, they did slap the “AZ” patch, but all the teams get that.  MLB and the Padres missed a “golden” opportunity to increase merch sales and strengthen the new “alleged” rebrand.  I give these new Padres uniforms an F for effort, marketing, and creativity.


Late last night, the San Diego Padres gave 3 fans (including our own Sac Bunt Chris OMG!!!) the opportunity to release some of the promotional items being given away during the 2016 season.


And then things went radio silent.

Until this afternoon when the Padres released the whole Baseball Night in San Diego schedule.

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<a rel=According to Fox 5 San Diego, there will be a new Tony Gwynn-themed bar opening at Jamul’s new Hollywood Casino, called “Tony Gwynn‘s Sports Pub”. It will showcase his Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers and various other pieces of memorabilia, as well as have Tony’s personal narration of his career highlights.

It’s scheduled to open sometime in mid-2016.

This brings up a good question though, what does that mean for the AleSmith Tony Gwynn museum? I thought they were also going to house many of those things mentioned? The Gwynn family is involved in both projects too.

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Fox Sports San Diego announced earlier today, that Julie Alexandria will be taking over as the San Diego Padres sideline reporter for the 2016 season. She replaces Kris Budden, who spent the previous two seasons in that role.

Dick Enberg, Mark Grant, Mike Pomeranz and Mark Sweeney, will all be returning to their previous roles, while former Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo will be joining the broadcast team in an unknown capacity.

This will be Alexandria’s 3rd MLB team that she has worked for, after the New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

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On October 10th, Philip Jia and his roommates were going on with their night, just like it was any other normal evening. Little did they realize that their world would be flipped upside down and their lives would never be the same again.

They were about to be #norf’d

While they were at their University City condo, they saw a white Chevy Suburban, heard a loud noise and then saw the vehicle take off. It never looked back.

What they found was roughly 600 Chris Denorfia bobbbleheads, still in their boxes, 2 empty bottles of Vodka and a half empty jug of wallpaper peeler, just sitting there in their parking lot.

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I’ve got a lot of topics to cover and, like I’ve done a few times in the past, decided to scrunch them all into one post. It’s To and Fro time!

-Man, is it me or has the Chicken and Garry Templeton been EVERYWHERE lately. On the radio, in the newspaper and on TV, every time I turn around I see another interview with one of them. Now that’s no knock against them, because I love both the Chicken and Tempy, but it’s more of an observation on the media aspect. The media has rarely done historical pieces on this team. Corey Brock has done some great pieces over the years on various past players and personnel, but that’s been about it. Perhaps that is the past ownerships fault, since they didn’t acknowledge it’s history at all. Now that the team is recognizing history again, maybe the media is taking note. Or maybe there is something more to it and these two will be inducted into the Padres Hall of Fame this year? In my last post, I had mentioned that there will indeed be new inductees this year. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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During last weeks Padres and Pints shoot with Jesse Agler and Bob Chandler, I came across an interesting nugget of information. The Padres Chief Marketing Officer Wayne Partello stopped by early on and was chatting with Mr. Chandler about an event that they had held recently for Padres employees. The Padres had Bob come on down to Petco Park and give a history lesson on Padres baseball to the employees.

If you think about it, although don’t think too hard because you’ll feel really old, an 18 year old was born in 1997. That means they were 1 when the Padres last went to the World Series. Yeesh. You feel old now, don’t you?

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I’ve been team “Bring Back the Brown” ever since I first saw the Padres selling retro hats in the team store back in 1999ish. I bought a ’69, ’71 & ’84 one and proceeded to wear the crap out of every single one of those. Granted, I still loved the retro stuff before that, it’s just that’s when my overwhelming love truly took off. So when Jordan and Tony started up the campaign I was all on board with it and did whatever I could to help spread the word.

Fast forward to 2015. Hacksaw posted this comment yesterday morning.

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