Sometimes things can get a little fuzzy after an evening at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (14-24) scored fewer runs than the Chicago White Sox (16-17) last night at Guaranteed Rate Field, losing 5-4 in a walk off.

Trevor Cahill (3-2. 3.27) gave up four runs (three earned) on eight hits and a walk with seven strikeouts in six innings. Avisail Garcia hit a solo home run in the second inning. In the fourth inning, Jose Abreu reached on a throwing error by Ryan Schimpf, took second base on a wild pitch, took third base on another wild pitch, and then Cahill walked Garcia on yet another wild pitch, allowing Abreu to score. Kevan Smith scored on Leury Garcia‘s ground out and Melky Cabrera‘s RBI single drove in Tyler Saladino in the fifth inning. In the ninth inning, Saladino scored on Yolmer Sanchez‘ single to win the game.

Dylan Covey (0-3, 7.98) pitched four and a third innings, surrendering three runs on five hits and two walks while striking out nine. For the second game in a row, the Padres had a home run to leadoff the game on the first pitch, this time by Manuel Margot. Allen Cordoba hit a solo home run in the third inning. In the fifth inning, Hunter Renfroe scored on Wil Myers‘ sacrifice fly.  And Myers hit a solo home run in the eighth inning.

Today’s rubber game pits Jered Weaver (0-4, 6.81) against Jose Quintana (2-5, 4.46) starting at 11:10pm PDT.

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Sometimes things can get a little fuzzy after an evening at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (14-23) scored more runs than the Chicago White Sox (15-17), 6-3, in the first of three games at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Jhoulys Chacin (4-3, 5.12) gave up three runs on seven hits and a walk with five strikeouts in six and a third innings. Leury Garcia hit two home runs – a two-run in the third inning and a solo in the seventh – to account for all three White Sox runs.

Miguel Gonzalez (3-3, 3.38) surrendered five runs in five innings pitched on eight hits and four walks while striking out two. Matt Szczur led off the game with a solo home run. In the third inning, Austin Hedges‘ double scored Cory Spangenberg and Yangervis Solarte. Hedges hit a solo home run and Allen Cordoba‘s single drove in Erick Aybar in the fifth inning. Wil Myers added a solo home run in the ninth inning.

In this evening’s second game, starting a 4:10pm PDT, Trevor Cahill (3-2. 3.06) takes the mound with Dylan Covey (0-3, 8.28) going for the White Sox.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed how often hitters miss good, hittable pitches, either fouling them off or swinging right through them. Of course, there are good reasons why this happens. Hitting is hard, for one. The hitter is always having to guess and/or react to a spinning baseball arriving in an unreasonable amount of time, and the pitcher is always in the driver’s seat, calling the shots.

Say, for example, it’s a 2–2 count and, in the back of his mind, the hitter is thinking slider. Instead he gets a fastball, at 93, right down the middle, but he fouls it back to the screen, just late. It looks like something to crush, but given the context of the situation, the pitcher’s tendencies and the hitter’s expectations, it turns out to be a tough pitch to handle. Consider, further, the first pitch hanging curve ball. It looks squarely like a meatball the whole way, but the hitter’s likely sitting fastball, and the speed and trajectory of the pitch throw him off enough to result in an awkward cut and whiff, or no swing at all.

There are other pitches, though, pitches that are too fat; pitches that define the very nature of the meatball. In a 3–1 count to Mike Napoli, tied 2–2 in the ninth, Brandon Maurer delivered one of those pitches last night:

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Four years ago, I started a project out of, quite frankly, spite and disappointment.

I now feel a responsibility to maintain this thing I started.

Because the Padres Twittersphere is an ever-evolving entity. Players and people leave, sometimes even of their own accord. Some who have stayed have changed their Twitter usage to not be all that interesting of a follow anymore. Still others just seem to have given up the medium altogether.

Some do a bit of all of that, sailing off into the distance in silence, like a sailboat in the night.

So, here we are. The fourth iteration of my “Padres Must-Follow” Twitter list.

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Sometimes things can get a little fuzzy after an evening at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (13-23) scored fewer runs than the Texas Rangers (13-20), 5-2, on a walk-off three-run home run by Mike Napoli last night at Globe Life Park.

Clayton Richard (2-4, 4.34) pitched seven innings, giving up one run on five hits and a walk while striking out four. Richard started the eighth inning and gave up a solo home run to Napoli and a single from Carlos Gomez before being relieved by Brad Hand. In the ninth inning, Brandon Maurer surrendered three straight one out singles that brought Elvis Andrus around to score before giving up a three-run walk-off home run to Napoli.

Martin Perez (1-5, 3.89) allowed two runs on seven hits and two walks with three strikeouts in six and a third innings pitched. Ryan Schimpf‘s RBI single in the first inning drove in Matt Szczur. In the seventh inning, a Manuel Margot sacrifice fly scored Austin Hedges.

The Padres head to Guaranteed Rate Field for three games against the Chicago White Sox (15-16). Jhoulys Chacin (3-3, 5.26) gets the start tonight against Miguel Gonzalez (3-2, 3.18) starting at 5:10pm PDT.

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Before we get to Ron Fowler’s comments, let’s briefly discuss Jered Weaver‘s start to 2017. It’s been bad.

Weaver seems like a really good guy, with a sort of self-effacing sense of humor and candor that doesn’t often show in athletes, specifically when they’re down on their luck. But he’s been really bad. I’m not sure why anyone is particularly surprised by it, though, and maybe they aren’t. Last year Weaver posted a 7.50 DRA, worst in the whole darn league, and a full run worse than James freakin’ Shields. By Baseball Prospectus’ WARP calculation, he was worth negative (read: negative) 4.4 wins, a level of ineptitude rarely broached by WAR-based metrics.

Along with declining numbers across the board, Weaver’s fastball velocity has been in a much-publicized nosedive, dropping from the high 80s/low 90s a few years ago all the way down to the low-to-mid 80s now. There’s a good shot Joe Righthander, down at the local D3 Juco, throws harder than the 34-year-old Weaver does right now.

There was a very small chance that Weaver was going to be good this year, and slightly larger chance that he’d be okay, and a good chance he’d stink. I’m still convinced that the Padres signed him in part because he’s a good dude and in part because he wouldn’t impede the tank. And maybe, just maybe, he’d eat some innings and turn out to have a hint of trade value by July. But I’d be surprised if anyone in the baseball operations department had high expectations, given what we know about Weaver’s declining ability to get major-league hitters out.

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Sometimes things can get a little fuzzy after an evening at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (13-22) scored fewer runs than the Texas Rangers (12-20) last night at Globe Life Park, 4-3, in the first of two games.

Luis Perdomo (0-0, 4.13) is still looking for his first decision of 2017, giving up three run on seven hits and four walks with seven strikeouts in six innings pitched. In the first inning, a Shin-Soo Choo reached on a single, took third on a single by Elvis Andrus, and scored on a wild pitch to Nomar Mazara. Mike Napoli scored on a Choo single and Delino DeShields scored on a balk by Perdomo in the fifth inning. In the seventh inning, DeShields scored on an Andrus ground ball that Yangervis Solarte threw wide of first base for an error.

Yu Darvish (3-2, 2.96) also pitched six innings and allowed three runs on seven hits and three walks while striking out six. Wil Myers hit a solo home run in the first inning. In the second inning, Erick Aybar hit a solo home run and Matt Szczur later doubled to drive in Hunter Renfroe.

This evening’s series finale at Globe Life Park pits Clayton Richard (2-4, 4.87) against Martin Perez (1-5, 4.06) starting at 5:05pm PDT.

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The Padres lost 11–0 to the Rangers on Tuesday, and Joey Gallo‘s third-inning home run off Jered Weaver skimmed the underside of one of Big Brother’s satellites. On a another note . . .

The other day I wrote about how the Padres might handle international amateur free agency over the next few years, unable to sign any players for more than $300,000. Then MadFriars, over on Reddit, made an interesting point that I’d overlooked. In their words:

Players from Mexico are generally signed directly from Mexican League teams, and so those teams require a rights fee for letting one of their players go to a major-league club. According to an older article by Ben Badler, only the portion paid to the player is considered as the actual signing bonus. So, as MadFriars notes, it’d be possible for the Padres to sign an international amateur from Mexico for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.2 million, with $900,000 going to the Mexican League team and the other $300,000 to the player. Badler confirmed as much yesterday.

This is, to say the least, an interesting development, since we thought that the Padres would be limited to $300,000-and-under talent for two years.

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Sometimes things can get a little fuzzy after an afternoon at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (13-21) scored fewer runs than the Texas Rangers (14-20), 11-0, at Petco Park yesterday.

Jered Weaver (0-4, 6.81), not to put to fine a point on it, sucked. Weaver allowed seven runs on six hits and two walks in three innings, striking out four. Two of those four hits were home runs, a three-run shot by Ryan Rua in the second inning and a two-run blast in the third inning by Joey Gallo. Kevin Quackenbush gave up another two-run home run by Robinson Chirinos in the seventh inning.

A.J. Griffin (4-0, 2.45) pitched a complete game shutout, giving up four hits and a walk while striking out four. The closest the Padres came to scoring a run came in the sixth inning after Manuel Margot walks and Cory Spangenberg singled with one out. But Wil Myers hit into an inning-ending double play.

The Padres head to Arlington for another two games against the Rangers at Globe Life Park. Luis Perdomo (0-0, 4.03) takes on Yu Darvish (3-2, 2.76) starting this evening at 5:05pm PDT.

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Last Wednesday, in an excellent post as is his tradition, Dustin noted Trevor Cahill is finding success this year using a higher mix of breaking pitches. Meanwhile, Brad Hand seemed to throw lots of wrinkles during last night’s Padres win over the Texas Rangers. Plus, with former Padre Drew Pomeranz‘s increased breaking ball usage in mind, I couldn’t help but wonder whether all the breaking pitches out of Brad’s Hand* indicate another piece in the pattern of Padres pitchers’ performance improving significantly after joining the team. Hand has been excellent again this year, rocking a 3.11 FIP and a 2.60 Deserved Run Average in 17 IP.

Lucky for us, lots of this information is recorded on the Internet, so let’s take a look! Via Fangraphs and pitch/fx (not including last night):

Fastball Two Seam Slider Curveball Changeup
2014 (Marlins) 43% 25% 0% 22% 11%
2015 (Marlins) 42% 27% 4% 15% 12%
2016 (Padres) 28% 34% 6% 31% 1%
2017 (Padres) 25% 26% 42% 7% 0%

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