Sez Bill (3/29) – Spring Training Wrap Up

– Doesn’t think Maybin will ever hit for a high average.  Would like to see him become a 15-20 HR guy who ‘takes second when he gets on base’.

– Stauffer’s velocity is still off but improving.  Doesn’t think he’ll be ‘stretched out’ enough to start for the Padres until May.

– Doesn’t expect the club to trade for another starter at this point.

– The obligatory Time Warner question.  Don’t hold your breath on seeing the Padres anytime soon, TWC customers.

– Bill’s projected Opening Day lineup includes Quentin in LF, Gyorko at 2B and Ransom at 3B.

– Cody Ransom scouting report:  solid defender at 2B/SS/3B.  Some pop.  .220 career average (also what he hit last year).

– In answer to a question on which local team to buy tickets for, based on ‘best chance for an exciting and possible playoff season’:  Aztecs, Padres, Chargers.

– Bill would rather classify Quentin’s knee injury as ‘persistent’ vice ‘chronic’.  Either way Quentin’s discomfort in the knee is still there.

– Do the Padres sign ‘injury prone players?’, Bill side-stepped talking about Quentin/Street and pointed out the current injured players (Darnell, Forsythe) had no injury history when they signed. He wouldn’t call Luebke or Headley injury prone.

– Given the depleted offense Bill is hoping for .500 in April, but thinks 11-15 is more realistic.  Either would be a marked improvement from last season.

– Reiterated the lefty (Ransom 3B, Gyorko 2B) and righty (Gyorko 3B, Amarista 2B) platoons while Headley is on the shelf.

– States Thatcher will open with the Padres, and Layne will start in AAA. Padres confirmed Layne to AAA this evening.

– “[Amarista] does not have the arm for third.”

– Padres don’t need Julio Borbon, they have Venable to spell Maybin in CF periodically.  Borbon was DFA’d by Texas recently.

– Nick Hundley has looked much stronger this spring.

– In response to a question recommending Gyorko just play 2B, not platoon at third:  “Jedd Gyorko of Morgantown, West Virginia, is a little bit different. Nothing seems to faze this young man.”  Bill assures us he’ll be fine mentally dealing with the multiple positions.

– Quentin not being on the DL means Blanks goes to AAA.  He needs the at-bats.  He will likely be the first OF call-up.

– Thinks Marquis will the first man out of the rotation, replaced by Cashner.  No discussion on whether Marquis would lose his slot due to performance or injury.

– Nate Frieman was waived by the Astros and claimed by the A’s.  Currently not headed back to San Diego.  Blanks and Cody Decker will man first at Tuscon.

– Volquez gets the opening day start over Richard ‘because he’s done it before’.  Clayton gets the home opener.

– Considers baseball’s business model broken.  Thinks a salary cap will bring more parity to the game.

– Thinks Stauffer will be in the ‘pen most of the year.  He might get a spot start for Cashner late in the year if the club puts Andrew on an innings limit.  Thinks he will throw no more than 160 innings this year.

– Most of the Seidler’s and O’Malleys in the ownership group have moved to SD.

– “Yonder actually worked over the winter with hitting coach Phil Plantier on using his legs more in his swing to stay more balanced at the plate. One offshoot of that is a bit more power to the stroke.”  Bill thinks his HR total will go up this year based on that and the fences moving in.

– Best, Worst, and Funniest moments in Padres history:

“Best — Game five, 1984 NLCS vs. the Cubs (the day after Garvey’s homer). Worst — The fire sale of 1993. Funniest — Chris Brown at third in Yuma in the spring of 1988. The Blue Angels were training in El Centro and Yuma and on approach to the Yuma airport, used the water tower just outside the old Desert Sun Stadium complex as a turning mark. Brown heard the afterburners kick in, looked over his shoulder and hit the ground while covering his head as the jet thundered over the stadium.”

– Defends the Rizzo and Latos trades.  Still likes the Latos trade, thinks jury’s still out on Rizzo/Cashner.

– Sandy Alderson did more damage to the franchise than Matt Bush or Donovan Tate.

– Chase Headley is the face of the franchise.

– Matt Wisler is a player to watch for the future.

– The rotation will be better than people think.  Volquez and Richard improved last year and Stults has found a formula that works.

– Sees both Ross and Cashner in the rotation at some point this season.

– Don’t bank on Headley returning in May and having a so-so season which knocks his asking price down.

– Gyorko has a good shot at being ROY, if his number stay consistent and above average, since he’ll be playing every day.

– Fried look sharp, but he’s excited about Wisler.

– Agrees Matty V is great, but doesn’t see him coming back to the Padres anytime soon.

– Everth has had a solid spring, hitting better right-handed, and has been solid in the field.  Sees him leading off.

– Guesses Gyorko (not Headley) will be the next young player they extend.

– Thinks Headley’s actual number will be in the $15M per range.  Not sure if the Padres would sign him for that.

– Padres had the fifth-highest ticket price from 2012-2013, on the third-smallest average base (I think this meant attendance).  Hopes the money will be invested in players (big-time extrapolation there by me)

Comments in italics are mine not Bill’s.

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