Random Thoughts – 19 July vs Mets

Ghost has the recap, but I wanted to add a couple of thoughts in addition to his usual excellent work.

Tonight was the best I’ve seen the Padres execute in hitters counts all season.  A hitters count is 2-0 or 3-1.  Tonight’s results:

  • Seth Smith (B1) 2-0 count:  3-unassisted (and he didn’t move from the batters box.  Oh well)
  • Yasmani Grandal (B2) 3-1 count:  HR to RC
  • Tyson Ross (B3) 2-0 count:  Force at 2nd on a bunt.  To be fair, he was squared around to bunt on the first 2 pitches but Gee missed.
  • Chase Headley (B3) 3-1 count:  Single to LF that led to 2 runs scoring, thanks to an error by Nieuwenhuis.
  • Will Venable (B4) 2-0 count:  HR to RF
  • Smith (B6) 2-0 count:  HR to RF
  • Headley (B8) 2-0 count:  Double to LF

Seven hitters counts, 5 hits, 4 XBH, directly contributed to 5 of the six runs scoring (and indirectly to the sixth).  It’s unrealistic to expect 71% success from Padre hitters in these counts the rest of the way, but it was sure enjoyable to watch tonight.

Granderson lined a single to right with one out in the sixth.  Know who the happiest guy in the ballpark was?  Headley.  He’d allowed d’Arnaud’s dribbler to roll up the 3B line in the fourth, thinking it’d go foul.  Instead it hit the bag, for the first hit Ross allowed.  Can you imagine if that was the only hit?  The Outrage!

When was the last time the Padres 3-4-5 hitters all homered in the same game?  If you know please comment.  Doesn’t seem all that often.

I mentioned this on Twitter – the Padres are 40-24 (41-24 now) when they score at least two runs, or a .625 team (I can’t take credit for that – the Padres Media folks published it).  I’ll take a team playing baseball at a .625 clip every year; that’s 101 wins a season.

Anyway, I found all this interesting.  Hope you do too.

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