Junior Padres Tickets

Back in August, the San Diego SABR chapter hosted a Padres Memorable Moments event.  You may remember reading about it.  Concurrent with the event, the chapter also hosted a silent auction.  Being a compulsive memorabilia collector (oh, look!  An SI with Tony Gwynn on the cover!  Buy all 17!), I bid on a couple of things, and walked away with the 1979 and 1980 Padres Official Yearbooks.

After flipping through them, they were carefully placed back in their plastic sleeves, returned to the envelope they came home in, and promptly forgotten about for four months.  Life in the fast lane.

Early last month we decided to rearrange the house.  Most people do this in the spring.  We seem to do this after the baseball season ends, as if we’re cleaning out our family locker and going home for the winter.  Except we are home.  It’s very confusing.  Anyway, I found the envelope with the two yearbooks (undamaged, a nice bonus) and figured it was time to put them with the rest of the baseball stuff.

My wife, a San Diego native, and I long ago merged our collections.  I knew she had added some Padres Yearbooks to the stash, but  didn’t remember the years, having not looked that closely.  She had the ones from 1983, 1984, and 1985.  Plus, there was something sticking out of the 1984 book.


Check that out.  Well, you could if the picture wasn’t so blurry.  Better photos after the jump.

IMG_1168 IMG_1169

Kids got $1 off admission a General Admission ticket for free or $1 off other seats on 11 specific dates during 1984.  Considering that team won the National League, a pretty good deal.  And you could plan your trips to the Murph around when the Chicken would appear (3 games, one each in June-August).  I didn’t include a picture of the special coupon, because it was 25 cents off a six-pack of cans or 16 oz bottles, or a 12-pack of cans, or a 2-liter bottle of 7up, diet 7up, or Like Cola.  I don’t even remember Like Cola.  Maybe you do.

This also got me wondering what the team will do to honor the 30th anniversary of that run to the World Series, but I guess that’s a subject for a separate post.  Probably by someone more qualified to discuss it than me.

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  • VM David

    If I recall correctly, the 25th anniversary basically involved wearing throwbacks for a weekend series vs. the Cubs, a couple related giveaways (I’m remembering a pin, for some reason), bringing back the ’84 team for a ceremony, and Khalil Greene making himself famous. I would imagine they’ll repeat the first three.

    • SDPads1

      Surprisingly I have that pin.

  • Shamu35

    Kids got in *free* for General Admission or $1 off other seats. Former jr padre, setting the record straight.

  • SDPads1

    Great stuff! That old merch fascinates me. I had absolutely no clue what “Like Cola” is either so I looked it up. A ton of pictures of Lou Bega popped up. Yes that Lou Bega. Weird. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeqOLxRDsV8

  • Michelle Rose

    I remember Like Cola, but I’m old.

  • Karl the Lurker

    June 15th – that was my first game!

  • kevintheomanharris

    I owe most of my fandom from the Jr Padres program. I started circa 1993. A somewhat similar deal. In those days it was 10 Sunday day games a year and was $10 a year for the child. Right Field seats. Adults had to pay full price. A price increase of $1 over 10 years isn’t too shabby though. Used quite similar perforated ticket sheets. Likely that the max age was still set to 14 as my family switched over to season tickets in 1997 since we weren’t getting the Jr Padres deals anymore.

  • pat

    Awesome! I remember going to Jr. Padres games in the 70’s. I took a bunch of friends one time when I was in Jr. High. Good times!