Jesus Guzman Reaches his Zenith

Before the current home stand started, a little tidbit about Jesus Guzman popped up on the screen.  Padres Pregame reported he hit .417 on the road trip, with 2 HR and 5 RBI.  Jesus is a part-time player pressed into recent full-time service due to all the Padres injuries.  But that line, and the fact that the Padres have lost every game this season in which Guzman has homered got me wondering just how good a week it was.

Guzman appeared in 8 of the 10 games on the trip, getting a plate appearance in seven of them.  Over that stretch, he hit .417/.462/1.000,  with the aforementioned 2 home runs plus 4 doubles.  That is a pretty good week’s worth of work.  How does it compare against the rest of his career?

There’s no good way to compare in-season streaks of multiple games using the Play Index feature on Baseball Reference.  Well, let me rephrase that:  I don’t know how to use the Play Index to look at streaks of multiple games on Baseball Reference.  I wanted to know if Guzman had ever had a 8-game stretch better than the one he had during the road trip.  I eliminated the games he played with the Giants back in 2009 because he only had five hits total and no extra base hits, meaning there was no way any of those games would compete with a 1.000 SLG stretch.

Creating 8-game bins of his Padres career resulted in 267 total bins.  Within those bins Guzman hit .400 over an eight-game stretch 22 times.  Nine times in 2011, seven in 2012, six so far this season.  His .417 batting average is actually on the low side; thirteen times he hit better than that, capped by a .529 run from 5-13 May 2012.  His .462 OBP is also low, only eighth best.  The highest was  .652, over that same stretch in 2012.

His SLG and OPS?  Now that’s interesting.  The 1.000 SLG is the best he’s ever posted over an 8-game stretch.  Even though his OBP was low in comparison to other 21 samples, when summed with that SLG it returned his highest OPS ever for the periods reviewed.

Jesus Guzman got on base and hit for power during the just-completed road trip better than he had over any eight-game stretch in his Major League career.  He had the streak of his life.

A small sample size to be sure.  As if to hammer that point home, he promptly went 1 for 12 against the Rockies.

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