Garage Sale Recap

SABR held their Baseball Garage Sale last Saturday at RJ’s Grill. Man, you missed out! There was a lady making balloon animals, and a blow-up jumpie castle, and unlimited beer tasting (4-oz glasses, limit 6 at a time) from 11:30-1300…

OK, so most of that isn’t true. Still, it was a fun event to raise money for the Baseball Research Center at the SD Public Library.

Mrs. Trail and I got there at about 0930 to help set up.  Row after row of tables with stuff on it that needed to be organized, so we hopped to it. Most of what we had was archival print material – Sporting News Newspapers from various years starting in the 1930s up to the 1990s took up 3 tables. Hard-cover and soft-cover books took up another 5. Sports Illustrated copies from the 1970s; I was amazed at how often baseball was the cover picture for SI back then. Ain’t true now, folks.

Feverishly setting up

Feverishly setting up

What else….  Old baseball programs.  Media guides from various teams, but the only Padres guide was from 1980.

The Jerry Coleman - Manager season

The Jerry Coleman – Manager season

Team Yearbooks (only Padres copy was 1979). World Series and All-Star game commemorative programs; I saw several from 1984 WS and the 1992 ASG.  Baseball cards.

Memorabilia was more interesting, and covered 4 tables spread throughout the area. There were multiple signed baseballs for sale, some with certificates of authenticity. Baseball cards for various Hall of Famers (not limited to Padres). After the show opened, Ghost of Ray Kroc took a look at the Gwynn cards and rapidly called out “got it, got it, got it, got it” like machine gun fire. Game used bats. SD Chicken fans. Commemorative glassware. Various pins.

Ducksnorts arrived, also to help set up; he took on onerous task of organizing all those SI’s. He was to be a guest on Craig Elsten’s show that morning too:

…but unbeknownst to either, Craig got bumped for ESPN streaming:


At 1130 the gates swung open and RJsFro entered. We definitely had more people in the first 20 minutes than we had during last year’s event. Bargain hunting began; I believe Rick will describe his loot tomorrow. My table sold about $100 worth of books at $5 a pop, all due to the lovely and talented Mrs. Trail. I blog for a reason, people.

Gavin also donated a pair of neon Padres beer signs; they sold within the first hour. Thanks again Gavin!


I stayed until just after 1300, when we had to rescue our babysitter from our kids. What did I walk away with, you ask?  A book about Dizzy Dean, a statistical reference book about the Pacific Coast League, and a bunch of 1960s and 1970s Padres cards.  Unlike Ghost, I didn’t already own most of them.

In the end, The Ted Williams SABR Chapter raised over $1500 last Saturday; all of that money will go to supporting the Baseball Research Center. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support – thank you.

Now I have to go back to writing about actual baseball again, I guess… 

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  • ItsDis

    Thanks for the 3 posters and calendars of stadium photos you sold me.

    • Wasn’t me accepting your money, but I’m glad you found something you liked.