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Ever wonder what Shirtless Ed Whitson referred to?  Now you know.  Thanks to Tom Garfinkel for sending that tonight.

I had several things to talk about concerning this game, but they don’t really matter.  All anyone is going to remember is the fight between Zack Greinke and Carlos Quentin.

Since their history seemed to be what provoked it tonight, here’s the history between them.  Going into tonight, Quentin had faced Greinke 28 times.  He was 6-24, 3 HR, 4 RBI, 2 walks, 4 K, and 2 HBP.  All between 2008-2010, all while with the White Sox when Greinke pitched for KC.

The two hit by pitch events, in some context.

  1. First time in 2008 (7/18/08).  At the point Q was 1-5 against Greinke, the one being a HR the first time he faced him.  Q got hit with runners on the corners and one out, first pitch.  Next AB Quentin hit a HR (same game).
  2. Second time was the following year (4/8/09), on a 1-1 pitch with the bases empty.  Next AB Quentin walked (same game).  It should be mentioned that Grienke went high and tight on Q the previous at bat (Q struck out swinging 3 innings earlier).

At this point, Quentin had faced Zack 13 times, hit 2 HR, been hit twice, been buzzed at least once.  So you start to see why he might have developed an issue with Greinke – he’s seen 35 pitches from the guy and at least 3 have been around his head.

Carlos last faced Zack on 22 August 2010 when he singled to LC.  That’s a long time to hold a grudge.  Which brings us to tonight.

The fisticuffs started during their third AB.  Quentin had rolled out to third on an 0-1 pitch in the first, and struck out on a 2-2 pitch leading off the third.  To the best of my memory (and remember, I was at the game) Greinke didn’t buzz Q at all during the first two ABs.  I don’t even remember a pitch being way in.  Then the AB of high interest.

Based on the game situation, it really makes no sense why Zack would hit the leadoff hitter intentionally, in the sixth inning of a one-run game.  With the 4-5-6 hitters due, even if they weren’t Murderers Row.  Why put the tying run on base with no one out?

After I got home I had a chance to look at some of the replays.  Watching the replay on ESPN, which thankfully was a ‘from behind home plate’ angle, Greinke clearly said something while Carlos was walking towards the mound.  What he said is hard to make out.  After rewinding it about 12 times I think he said ‘Diving’, which kind of makes sense and is a stupid thing to say at the same time.  If that is what he said, he may have been trying to explain how Quentin got hit.  Maybe he was trying to excuse it to himself.  Ok, but if you’re talking to your self WHY look at Quentin while you’re saying it?  If you think the hitter’s diving in then you clearly think he’s at fault here.  WHY try to justify how you hit someone to that someone by appearing to say it was their fault?  No wonder Q charged.  Zack said something else after Q started running at him.  That was obvious, and rhymes with ‘Duck!’ Carlos also said something as he charged; I can’t tell what it was no matter how much I rewind the tape.

Couple of other things before I run out of steam:

 quentin, grienke collision (@bradsdp7)

That photo does justice to Quentin’s attack.  He plowed into Greinke and knocked him like 10 feet backwards.  What it does NOT show is Greinke moving towards Quentin to counter Carlos’ attack.  These two men are the same height, but according to Baseball Reference Quentin outweighs the pitcher by 45 pounds.  Carlos is bigger, likely stronger, and yet Greinke didn’t back down.  That’s not the mark of a pussy, people – nor of a coward.  Also, Greinke didn’t duck, he tried to get underneath Quentin.  The problem for Zack was, Q planned to do the same thing and won the momentum argument, leading to that picture.

I’m not saying Greinke held his own here.  I agree with Megan – he got worked over.  But I am saying he at least stood up to the attack, which isn’t the prevailing opinion.

There’s also a zero percent chance Greinke broke his collarbone during that collision.  Look at the tape.  After he gets dragged to the ground about 6 people land on him while he’s prone and exposed.  That’s when he broke the bone.

After the game, apparently Matt Kemp confronted Quentin in the player’s parking lot (photo from Dennis Lin’s twitter feed):

Kemp, Richard, 12 Apr 13 (Dennis Lin)

It sucks Greinke got hurt and will miss 4-6 weeks.  I think even Carlos Quentin would agree with that.  Going after him in the parking lot, what does that prove?  You’re pissed off?  We already knew that.  You couldn’t calm down after 3 hours, is that the point?  Noted.  Is accosting Quentin there going to fix anything?  No.  These two teams see each other in 4 days.  Let your play do the talking, dude.  Enough.

That’s it for me.  Padres face Colorado this weekend.  Quentin will be suspended, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t play this weekend.

Have a different opinion?  That’s cool.  Share it in the comments, or shoot me a line @Padres_Trail.

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  • Melvin

    Good writeup. Jerry Hailston’s Ra folly going after someone to reinstogate and being a yina in the process deserves mention. Someone should review the video to figure out who he was running at.

    That said, fights without Bradley, Marcus Giles, or Mat Latin aren’t the same.

    • SDPads1

      Hairston said Baker was the one chirping about Greinke being injured, so he was going after him.

      • SDPads1

        I stand corrected….I saw Mattingly say it was Baker during his postgame interview. He was asked if he thought Yonder should be suspended and he said something along the lines of “Why? Yonder didn’t do anything it was Baker.”

        Hairston said it was a “first year player” according to Marty Caswell. I saw tweets from various LA media saying that Hairston said it was Baker too though but who knows.

      • I find it hard to believe anyone in the Padres dugout would be laughing because Greinke got hurt. I find it easy to believe Hairston ‘thought’ he saw something and flew off the handle. This is, after all, the same guy who seems to always argue called strike three as a grave injustice.

  • Appealing to an angry person’s culpability is a pretty common defense mechanism. It’s not like Greinke took a shot at Quentin’s mother. You know, as far as we can tell.

  • SDPads1

    My thoughts:

    -Q doesn’t have a track record for charging the mound or being a hot head
    -hit 2 times previously by Greinke and had quite a few high and inside pitches over the years

    -hit earlier in this series already

    -catcher was set up low and away, Q was not crowding the plate, 2-1 game, 3-2 count and the Padres hands down best hitter is up so Greinke doesn’t want give him anything to hit instead of walking him he hits him

    -Greinke looked like he wanted trouble (a fight) out there

    -I don’t condone the fighting and it sucks the Greinke got hurt, but I’m also not in the crowd (mainly media) where I act like I’ve never seen a fight before and I am completely outraged by it

    -When media starts saying stuff like Quentin is a “platoon” player, you know a huge part of the outrage is stemming from who was hurt (star pitcher) and who he plays for (a historic franchise) instead of the fact that the just felt it was wrong for him to charge.

    -The Dodgers social media account should held accountable for their actions. I’m all for having fun but there is a time and place. And when you have had serious injuries happen at your ballpark over fan violence, posting stuff like that is just stirring the pot.

  • Pretty sure Megan and I were talking about Quentin, not Greinke, there…

    But I agree with what you’re saying.

    • Fai point. I thought that was a great comment and wanted to work it in.

  • Tommyj

    Haha dud e just reading this random. So biased and horribly written, you remind me of skip bayless. Like seriously trying to defend that dude fur charging at greinke and breaking his collar bone because of a couple of words. You clearly don’t know how the world works and I assume you are very small and have never been in any type of fight before. And sorry your padres suck, a horrible team and it will stay that way for a long time , while my dodgers are competing for championships now

    • I’m not even going to point out all of the things wrong with your comment. Because there’s really no point in pointing out your obvious typos and horrible grammar that completely negates any point you were trying to make. I’ll just downvote it and thank you for giving Padres Trail the pageview.