A HoF Suggestion or Two

As announced last week, and discussed here, the Padres are going to create a Padres Hall of Fame on the grounds of Petco Park. Aside from the lockers moving from the Western Metal Supply building down, and relocating the plaques of Hall of Fame players who spent some time in San Diego from below the batters eye, nothing has been revealed about what will be in the Padres HOF.

Naturally I have a couple of suggestions.  These are in no particular order.

Suggestion #1 – Include a chronological display of Padres history.

Start in 1969 and take it through the present.  For each season, give a brief summary of the season.  For some years it might be really short.  Maybe 1969 gets only a paragraph. In 1969 the Padres played their first season in the National League.  Dick Selma won the first ML game played in San Diego, beating Houston 2-1 on April 8, 1969.  Preston Gomez managed the team to a 52-110 record.  Chris Cannizzaro was the team’s All-Star representative. Other years, like 1978, 1984, etc, would require a substantially longer discussion to accurately record everything that happened.  But it would be a one-stop shop, if you will, of the team’s legacy that fans could take in during an afternoon visit.  And, it would be educational for the young fan trying to learn about his/her hometown team.

Suggestion#2 – Move the Opening Day Lineups

Buried deep in the bowels of Petco Park are posters displaying the Opening Day lineup for every Padres season.  The cool thing about these, apart from the obvious, are the different fonts and logos present on the sheets; it’s a mini-history lesson on Padre branding.  Unfortunately, unless headed to the Lexus Stadium Club or onto the field, fans don’t have access to those posters; and even if you are headed to one of those two places, you have to detour right or left down a large hallway to see them.

I’ve been in a lot of stadiums and a couple of Club Hall of Fames; I don’t recall another team displaying their Opening Day rosters in such a manner. This would be a unique feature of the Padres display.  Not to mention the ‘oh yeah, I forgot Mark Kotsay was the Opening Day LF in 2002′ factor.

Suggestion #3 – Include a Wall of Fame.

I went to an Angels game last summer, and found this mural just inside one of the entrances.


Some of those categories are universal, like All-Stars, Gold Glove winners, etc, and the Padres have multiple winners of each throughout their history.  The cool thing is, San Diego has at least one winner in the National Award categories listed as well.

Most of what’s in those bullet points above I did not know until doing the research for this post.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who forgot Butch Metzger (no relation) was a Padres ROY.  If the team intends to celebrate itself, a display or discussion on the greats of the past (even if it was for only one season) is essential.

Perhaps we don’t need or want to exactly copy what the Angels have done.  However, given the possible limited footprint for the museum, this would be an awesome thing to decorate the outside wall; even if it was the wall facing the Plaza that caused so much consternation last week.

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