2/15 SD SABR Chapter Regional Meeting

The San Diego SABR chapter, also known as the Ted Williams Chapter, will host its next chapter meeting this Saturday at the Downtown Public Library.  Doors open at 0930, the program starts at 1000, and will run until 1245 or so. Admission is free and non-SABR members are invited as well.

If you haven’t been to the new library yet, two things you should know:

  1. There is parking below the library, and its free for the first two hours with validation.  I did not know this until 2 weeks ago.  You can validate your parking ticket at the main checkout counter – you’ll walk by it on your way to the meeting.
  2. The SD Public library hosts the Baseball Research Center on the eighth floor.  Lots of baseball books.  You might even find a couple written by our own Geoff Young.

We have several things on the docket for Saturday that you might find interesting, in no particular order.

Mark Grant is coming to talk about the 2014 Padres.  Mark’s off-air persona pretty well matches his on-air one, so this should be a treat to listen to.  Given that the Padres have become a sexy dark horse pick to make the playoffs, it promises to be entertaining hearing Mark’s analysis of the team headed to spring training.

Andy Strasberg is a former VP of Marketing for the Padres, and was the driving force behind last summer’s Memorable Moments program.  Andy knew and worked with Jerry Coleman for the better part of four decades.  Andy will lead a tribute to the late Padre Broadcaster and Hall of Famer.

Ever hear of the Bill Weiss Collection?  It was recently profiled at Sports on Earth by SABR member Graham Womack.  The Collection has been acquired by the SD Library through the efforts of our SABR chapter.  There will be a formal announcement by the City on Thursday at 1000 about acquiring the collection.  Members of the chapter have been diligently inventorying the contents of some 400 boxes containing the collection.  On Saturday we’ll talk a lot more about it.  It’s exciting.

Who was Bill Weiss?  He was a baseball statistician who began his career in 1948.  Eventually he came to be the official statistician for a number of leagues, including the California League and the Pacific Coast League.  His collection of player questionnaires, as well as baseball archival information, is irreplaceable.

I’ve made a very small contribution to that effort.  The boxes I peered into contained a wide array of things, like base ball rule books from the 1910s, loose sheets of player statistics from the California League in the 1950s, lots of books, and some other things I found interesting, like:

Weiss 1969 YB & MG

The Padres Media Guide and Yearbook from their inaugural 1969 Season;

Weiss 1969 Padres YB

The Yearbook included a letter from then-Governor Ronald Reagan welcoming the Padres to the majors.

Weiss olbermann

What appears to be a pamphlet written by Keith Olbermann (still trying to verify it was THAT Olbermann).

UPDATE:  Keith’s reply.  I’m taking this as ‘YES’.

We are hopeful the collection will be available to researchers and interested baseball fans in the very near future.

Authors John Freeman and Dick Lister will discuss their part assisting in writing a pending auto-biography of Hall of Fame umpire Doug Harvey.  Harvey was born in the LA area, and from the age of 6 grew up in El Centro.  His father was a local umpire and Doug picked up the interest from him.  Harvey started in Class C ball, jumped to AAA 4 years later, and debuted in the National League in 1962.  He spent 31 years in the majors.

Tom Romenesko will discuss baseball from a scout’s perspective.  Tom spent 40+ years working in baseball in various capacities, including scouting.

Finally former SABR president Andy McCue will go back in time and chronicle the Pacific Coast League’s desire to become a Major League.  There was a time when that was a distinct possibility, before the Majors expanded to the west coast.  The quality of play in the PCL was equal to that found in either the NL or the AL.

This promises to be one of the better events put on by the chapter.  Hope to see you all there!

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  • SDPads1

    So cool! I’m going to try and go to this but might not be able to get out of my plans.

    It’s most likely the same Olbermann because A) That’s not exactly a common name B) What are the odds of two Keith Olbermanns being involved with sports C) Olbermann did the write ups to the entire 1976 SSPC baseball card set, so it seems like something like this was up his alley at that time.

    That Weiss write up is amazing. The 1969 media guide is one of 7 media guides that are missing from my collection. It will be mine…..oh yes…..it will be mine.

    • That’s what I’m thinking. I need to tweet his way and see.

      Sorry dude – the media guide isn’t for sale … but that’s a heck of a collection you have.

      • SDPads1

        I should have clarified. “A” 1969 media guide will be mine someday, after reading that story I know that one would never be for sale 🙂