Steve Poltz performs Tony Gwynn tribute song

Today is a sad day for me and for many of you reading this. On June 16th, 2014, we lost Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn. I still greatly miss him and Jerry Coleman to this day. They were two legends that meant the world to San Diego, both on and off the field, and can never be replaced. I wanted to do something special for them when they passed away last season so I’ve been working on a Jerry and Tony tribute episode for the past year now and it keeps growing and growing. I’ve already interviewed numerous people that were close to them and there are 3 or 4 more people that I’m hoping to chat with in the coming weeks.

One of those people that I chatted with was Steve Poltz, who performed his amazing tribute song for Tony called “Hey, Hey, Number 19” that I shot and edited. As a tribute to Tony we thought it would be nice to release that portion now.

I hope Tony & Jerry enjoy it from that ballpark in the sky.

My tribute post last season: Tony & “Mr. Punk”


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