Padres and Pints: Episode 16 with the San Diego Chicken

When creating a Mount Rushmore for the Padres, coming up with a list of names is an easy task for me: Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffman, Randy Jones and the one and only San Diego Chicken. Based on their body of work and what they have done for the city of San Diego, it’s a no-brainer for me every time.

Ted Giannoulas, aka The San Diego Chicken,  has been making fans laugh for 39 years now and is easily the most recognized mascot in history. From his early days as the KGB Chicken to the current semi-retired Chicken, he’s been a part of some amazing moments in history and has rubbed elbows (wings) with some elite people.

We had the amazing honor of chatting with him this past weekend at Benchmark Brewing Co. for the latest episode of Padres and Pints. We talk about things ranging from what he would have become if he wasn’t the Chicken to if he was reincarnated what would he come back as, both answers may surprise you. He had the entire audience (and me) laughing out loud during the whole interview.


We also chat with Matt Akin, the co-owner of Benchmark, about his new upstart brewery that will easily be a force to reckoned within the San Diego craft brew scene. The San Diego 71 Double IPA is fantastic! Plus they make their own flavored soda, which is free for kids (family friendly) and designated drivers (responsible). Check them out soon and tell them Padres and Pints sent ya!

Also be on the lookout for some behind the scenes action on Padres POV in the next couple of weeks!


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  • pat

    No Winfield on your Rushmore?

    • SDPads1

      No knock on Winfield but he doesn’t make the cut in my Rushmore. Jerry Coleman would probably be the first alternate. Winfield is in the Top 10 though.

  • Lonnie Brownell

    That was more excellent than I expected (and I was pretty psyched going in). Well done.

    • SDPads1

      Thank you sir. I feel like we’re starting to hit our groove! I worked overtime on this one.

  • The Abbot Costello

    CHOKING the CHICKEN: The fact that you spoke at length on some incredible topics I am floored, Rickster! This is sooooo flippin’ kewl! Watched it THREE times and it gets better everytime.

    • SDPads1

      Cheers! It is much appreciated and was a complete honor to chat with him.

  • GoldenBoy

    That was freakin’ awesome! The Chicken is the absolute best. I’d love to see him at Petco more often.

    • SDPads1


  • ballybunion

    It’s a little-known fact that Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln planned a top-ten American pantheon but ran out of money and had to stop at four. So it’s okay to add Jerry Coleman but while you’re at it, consider the guy whose ten million dollars in cash prevented the Padres from being shipped to DC and called the Washington Nationals: Ray Kroc. He saved baseball in San Diego!

    • Nah. I don’t need my face on the side of a mountain. But thanks for the thought.

      • SDPads1

        Ray Kroc was pretty cool but his ghost is kind of a jerk.

      • No McRib for you!