You may have noticed that Padres and Pints now has it’s own section located on the right (A big thank you to Melvin for setting that up for us!).

There’s a reason for this, as we currently have quite a few things in the works. Now that all of the past videos have been completed and posted, we are ready to book more new guests. And, as a matter of fact, we have indeed done just that….twice in the next two weeks.

To hold you over for the time being and to hopefully lighten the mood in Padre-land, we decided to cut a quick promo. Because “Hey! It’s baseball!”

Here are the previous Padres and Pints posts at Padres Public:

Episode 3: Tom Garfinkel at FanFest 2012
Episode 13: At FanFest 2013
Episode 5: Dan Hayes at Fox and Hound
Padres and Pints Drinking Game Rules
Episode 14: Ace from Knockaround and Andy Masur at Mission Brewery
Episode 14: Rapid Fire with Andy Masur at Mission Brewery
Episode 15: Greg Vaughn at the 1998 Reunion
Episode 9: Judging the Ballast Point & Padres Homebrew Contest
Episode 10: Randy Jones at Randy Jones All-American Sports Grill
Episode 11: Steve Poltz at Starlite

Also of note: AJM and myself will be starting up a Padres and Pints podcast. Just like the videos, we’ll be talking beer and baseball, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for all the support and we look forward to having some fun with this!


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