Come join Padres and Pints!

A lot of the readers, viewers and listeners (geez, Padres and Pints covers a lot of bases), have been asking for an end of the season meetup. I kept telling you guys, “WE DON’T DO MEETUPS!” Our immediate group often gets together to have some drinks, but there are no “meetups” when it comes to us. You kept persisting though so we decided to basically just invite whoever wants to join us for one of our usual drink sessions and decided to call it a drinkup. That sounds much less nerdy I guess.

With that said if you want (or don’t), join us for some drinks this Sunday November 24th at the Randy Jones All-American Sports Grill. We’ll be there around 2:00PM. The Chargers play early that day so that will give you plenty of time to watch the end of the game and get down there. Also some of you don’t want to pay for shipping on the new Padres and Pints items, which is 100% cool with me (I hate shipping costs!). So I disabled shipping costs for the next few days in The Fro Shop so you could purchase it online and then we’ll make the exchange there. If you don’t plan on meeting there that day then I’ll have to tack on shipping costs afterwards and it’ll be a pain in the ass, so wait until Monday to buy something.


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  • Sac Bunt Melvin

    We’ll see you bitches there!