Where Are They Now: Bip Roberts

There was an all-too-brief conversation held around July of 2012 in the Left Coast Bias household. Having recently found out we would be a party of 3 but not yet knowing whether I would be outnumbered by girls yet, a flight of fancy conversation regarding names took place. All the standard options were thrown out there from my end: Anthony, Trevor, Gwynn (for either boy or girl!).

And Bip.

A bouncing baby boy named Bip. Who wouldn’t want that? Sadly, the quick kibosh was put on the idea of Bip as a name. But this belies a larger point. Bip Roberts has been a relatively forgettable Padre that happened to be a Padre at the exact perfect moment to be burned into my psyche. Bip Roberts was a Padre from 1986-1991 then again in 1994-1995. This hits right into my fandom main vein as I was age 5 to age 11 during his primary run as the Padres second baseman. As a Little League second baseman myself, I was naturally drawn to Bip Roberts. I’m sure that fact that he has a fun name and I was 10 didn’t hurt.

Bip Roberts was a good player, don’t let me undersell that. In 1990, he hit .309, stole 46 bases, and hit 9 HRs (career high). And, my memory anyway, he was a pretty solid second baseman.

But where is he now?

In what may be an on-going segment here (especially during the off-season) but who knows, I went to Google to find out what Bip Roberts has been up to.

Some may know that Bip Roberts works for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

In 2008, Bip Roberts took over his High School alma mater’s baseball program, leading them to an Oakland Athletic League title.

And now…

Now he works as the Assistant Baseball coach for the Academy of Art Urban Knights.

You read that right…the Academy of Art. Who knew they had a baseball team? Or athletics? Not me. Well, not surprisingly a baseball team full of artists had a bit of a rough go in 2013, going 8-42. And, no joke, when you go to the website, a very artistic picture taken by an MFA in photography pops up. But they have some players as well. Stefen Henderson was just signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 8 games in the Arizona League he hit .250.

So that’s what Bip Roberts has been up to. Coaching and talking baseball up in the Bay Area.



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