Padres Window Shopping

Well, the World Series is over. Baseball for 2013 is officially over. Now comes the long, dark, cold winter while we await for pitchers and catchers.

Now what?

How about some shopping? In trying to think of what I should write about two days after the World Series when there is no Padres news to be found I found myself listening to one of my favorite podcast, The Film Vault. The Film Vault is hosted by Bryan Bishop (of the Adam Carolla show) and Anderson Cowan. As part of their show they do a segment called the “Amazon Click Throughs” which is really just an ad for Amazon. But the basic concept is they review odd purchases people have made on Amazon.

A half-baked idea was born. What goofy Padres stuff could you find on Amazon? Or Ebay? Let’s find out shall we.

San Diego Padres BBQ Meat Brander

For only $7 you can showcase your fandom on every burger, steak, chicken breast or fish you devour. Amazon notes that people who bought this item also bought a hot dog brander.

Wait…a hot dog brander? This is a thing? Or, it’s real and it’s fantastic. 

I drink your milkshake? I EAT YOUR LOGO!

San Diego Padres 1969-2002: A Complete History

A book about the history of the Padres is not, in and of itself, odd. A book that ends in 2002 calling itself a “complete” history is comical. Yes, it was written in 2002 so at the time of printing “a complete history” was accurate. But surely the author knew that the Padres would play a 2003 season. And ’04 and so on and so on. Did the author believe that 2002 would be the finish line? The end of the line for the Padres? Mysteries of the universe we will never know.

Also, TODAY, brand new, the book cost $52. Fifty. Two. Dollars. Get the hell out of here.

San Diego Padres Beer Tap Handle

Sometimes watching the Padres can be tough. It’s not always pretty. It’s often times brutal to watch. You know what helps? Beer. You know what would make this even better? Beer from a Padres tap handle. Where can I buy 100 of these?

San Diego Padres Bucket Liner

Look, I’m going to shoot straight with you. I’m not particularly handy. I can hang a picture and change a tire if I have to but do-it-yourself projects aren’t really my bag. So maybe this is something people use. But I’ve never seen someone put a utility belt on a bucket. In the picture for this item the bucket and liner are full of tools. Perhaps the person in the market for this liner should perhaps invest in a toolbox? I don’t know, I don’t want to live their life for them.

San Diego Padres Rain Gauge 

I’m not sure why anyone who doesn’t live on a farm, or doesn’t have access to a television or the internet, needs to measure their own rain. More importantly, the opportunity to measure rain in San Diego is, well, minimal. Average yearly rainfall in San Diego: less than 2.4 inches. But when it happens, have at it with this Padres logo rain gauge!

1989 San Diego Padres Unused Photographer Press Pass

This item is in “excellent condition.” It also provided the person who failed to use it access to the dining room at Jack Murphy! Who would give up the chance for free food? And how does this random person on Ebay have this thing? So many questions…some of which could be answered for only $12.99!


So there you have it. Some of the more random items you can own with the Padres logo on it. Though I only mentioned one of the items there is no shortage of ways to brand the Padres logo on food. So happy hunting!


As always @LeftCoastBias post go up every Friday. It’s Winter in baseball land so expect things to get a little random around here until something happens. And please Padres, let’s have something happen this time around. Now, to talk the Misses into 5 Padres branding tools for the grill. 

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  • Steven Tarlow

    I have a copy of that “Complete History” book. It’s well-researched. I bought it new in a bookstore at the time for $20-$25 bucks or so. Must have gone out of print.

  • SDPads1

    A) I am shocked I have none of that stuff and B) I kind of want all that stuff now.

    “Also, TODAY, brand new, the book cost $52. Fifty. Two. Dollars. Get the hell out of here.”
    It also cost .05 cents USED too. Really, a nickel?

    Did you notice the press pass has ’84 ish Padres font at the top and uses the 70’s colors?

  • Nathan Veale

    TFV! I listen every week, and always click-thru there if I’m buying on Amazon.

  • Michelle Rose

    The “Complete History” book was actually written by a former member of the UT Padres forum, who also happened to be one of that forum’s best known trolls/sock puppets “El Friar”.