Padres on the Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2014 Hall of Fame Ballot was released not too long ago and boy is it loaded. Only 10 players can be elected in one year and, one year removed from a giant goose egg in Hall of Fame inductees, we could be looking at a very crowded class entering Cooperstown.

But as this is a Padres blog, let’s look at some candidates with Padres connections.

Mike Piazza

Piazza might have been the greatest offensive catcher in baseball history. I got to think this guy is a stone cold lock for induction. And when he goes in I have no doubt it will be wearing that nauseating Dodger blue or potentially as a Met. So it goes. But in 2006 the Padres signed the then aging catcher to a 1 yr deal worth $2 million. Piazza wasn’t the Piazza he was in the mid to late ’90s by time he made his way to the Gaslamp Quarter but he had a decent year as a Padre, playing in 126 games, hitting 22 HRs and hitting his highest OPS in 4 seasons.

Fred McGriff

The Crime Dog! Fred McGriff spent an all too brief amount of time as a Padre and ultimately became a victim of the 1993 fire sale. But while in San Diego, McGriff hit 84 HRs in 2 years and roughly 3 months of 1993. But then came the fire sale, and the Padres shipped McGriff off to Atlanta Braves for three Minor Leaguers. McGriff was told it was due to his salary ($4 million). Tony Gwynn, he was none-to-happy. “You trade somebody like Freddie McGriff, you expect to get some quality in return,” Gwynn said. “I’m frustrated. I can’t understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.” Bummer.

Alan Trammell

Trammell was a hometown San Diego kid who grew up rooting for the Padres. Of course, that sentimental fandom didn’t stop him from crushing the Padres in the 1984 World Series. But that was all water under the bridge in 2000 when the Padres named Trammell to their coaching staff. He remained on the staff until October of 2002 when he became the manager of the Detroit Tigers.


So there you have it. Hall of Fame candidates with Padres tie.


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