It’s Not What You Like, It’s Who You Like

…what really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films — these things matter.

– Rob Gordon “High Fidelity”

One of my favorite books growing up was Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity.” Subsequently, it became one of my favorite movies (despite moving the setting from London to Chicago). Is it a perfect movie? No, far from it. It’s brutally flawed and requires an enjoyment (or at minimum, a tolerance) of both Cusack’s. But nevertheless, I enjoy it. Still do. And it’s provided me with a line (quoted above) that I think is more true than we want to believe. But really, how often do you instantly tune someone out when they say “my favorite song right now is ‘Gangnum Style’ or an adult over 30 telling you how great the new Adam Sandler movie is?”

So, with that quote and theory in mind, and with the 2013 MLB season literally right around the corner, I thought we would tackle the typical prediction post that are littering the blogosphere right now with something different.

Predicting the walk-up music. (Note: This isn’t so much a prediction as it is a wishlist. If this were really a prediction it would mostly be rap, country, spanish and hair metal.)

I don’t know one person who played any form of baseball (or is simply a fan of baseball) that hasn’t imagined what their walk-up music would be. Mine? It changes often though right now I’d go with Rage Against the Machine’s “Down Rodeo.”  (In high school I listened to a LOT of Rage Against the Machine to get me psyched up for sporting events. Which is hilarious because I looked like this.

So, with no chance of being right, let’s guess some walk-up music!

C: Nick Hundley

Song: “Is This It?”

Artist: The Strokes

Why? Nick basically gets a 50 game tryout to prove that the extension he was given was not for nothing and that he can still be the starter on this team. Any reprieve he earns will likely be short-term no matter what but nevertheless, the next 50 games will have fans and Nick wondering “Is This It?”

1B: Yonder Alonso 

Song: 2+2 = 5

Artist: Radiohead

Why? Well, the 2+2 made me think of the doubles he peppers the right field wall with all season. But more than that, Alonso is an enigma to me. How does a guy who is that slow hit so many doubles? Would these be triples for most players? Every time he hits a ball in the gap I’m stunned to see him standing on second. Oh, and I love Radiohead.

2B: Jedd Gyorko 

Song: Lovely Day

Artist: Bill Withers

Why? The pride of West Virginia seemed appropriate for our own West Virginian. Plus, as Gyorko carries with him perhaps the most optimism amongst fans heading into the 2013 season. “Lovely Day” felt appropriate.

SS: Evereth Cabrera

Song: Supersonic

Artist: Pearl Jam

Why? 44 SBs. The kid can run. Fast. And you knew we weren’t doing an entire music list without one Pearl Jam song, right?

3B: Chase Headley

Song: Month of May

Artist: Arcade Fire

Why? May is going to be a huge month for San Diego as it will see the likely return of both Yasmani Grandal and Chase Headley. I suppose that means he would need a new song for June. But that’s future us’s problem.

LF: Carlos Quentin

Song: Sick, Sick, Sick

Artist: Queens of the Stone Age

Why? 86 games played in 2012. That’s why.

CF: Cameron Maybin 

Song: Spiderman Theme

Artist: Paul Francis Webster and Robert Harris

Why? He’s Spider-Mayb. Own it.

RF: Will Venable/Chris Denorfia

Song: A More Perfect Union

Artist: Titus Andronicus

Why? Individually, they are a mediocre player. Together? ABOVE AVERAGE! Maybe not a perfect union. But a MORE perfect union.

Finally, I’ve never been a fan of Huston Street utilizing Ted Nugent for his entrance music. So, if I may, can I suggest “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones but covered by Rage Against the Machine.

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