Greatest Baseball Movie

It’s March which means two things that are as great as it gets for sports fans. Spring Training and March Madness.

March Madness is consistently one of my favorite sporting events of the year. And it contains perhaps the greatest thing in all of sports.

A bracket. A glorious, perfectly designed, bracket.

So, since it’s March and baseball is on everyone’s mind, what better item to use than a bracket to determine something that baseball fans have been arguing about forever.

What is the best baseball movie of all-time? Opinions will vary no question. Which is why you will get the chance to vote yourself and pick your favorite. More on that in a moment.

First, some groundwork.

32 Movies were selected. They were seeded by myself so any arguments on that end, send those my way. I can’t imagine anyone argues with the top seeds (The Natural, Field of Dreams, Major League, Bull Durham).

In picking 32 baseball movies, some dogs had to be chosen. Rest assured, they are paired up against some heavyweights and shouldn’t be around for long.

We’ll do this throughout the week setting up our championship match for next Friday and ultimately coming to a final, definitive answer…that none of us will agree on. But, whatever, it will be fun! BRACKETS!

Voting for Round 1 will close at Noon on Saturday. Voting for the next round will then open up. Keep checking back into this post for updates on how the bracket is going.

To take a look at the bracket in all it’s bracket glory, click here (note: after clicking on this link, click on “Championship Bracket”): Greatest Baseball Movie

And head over to my Facebook page here to vote on your favorites.

Round 1!


Round 1 Update

The favorites had at it for the most part in Round 1 of the Best Baseball Movie Bracket. #1 seeds dominated going 130-4 in votes in the first round. The road will get considerably tougher moving on however, with “The Rookie”, “61*”, “The Kid From Left Field”, and “For the Love of the Game” all looking for 2nd round upsets.

Speaking of “For the Love of the Game”, they squeezed out a victory over upstart “Sugar” in the closest match of the 1st round, 14-12.

The biggest story perhaps? “Rookie of the Year” upsets #3 seed “Bang the Drum Slowly” in dominating fashion 24-3.

Round 2 voting is now open until Monday 5pm. Keep voting and keep you favorite alive!


Round 2 Update

We are now one step away from our Final Four and so far, the favorites keep on rolling. All four #1 seeds rolled again in the 2nd round with no one facing any real danger of elimination. But that is all likely to change in the Elite Eight. Upstarts “A League of Their Own” and “The Sandlot” have been making noise early and both look poised for an upset. The newest movie in the bunch, “Moneyball,” has quietly been dominating so far, dispatching of 1st Round darling “Rookie of the Year.” Does it have enough to take down Annie Savoy and the Durham Bulls?

By the Numbers

Lowest Seed Remaining: #3 (2 movies: “Major League II” and “The Sandlot”)

Oldest Movie Remaining: “The Natural” (1984)

Based On Real Life: 2 (“Moneyball” and “A League of Their Own”)

Kevin Costner Sightings: 2 (“Field of Dreams” and “Bull Durham”)


Elite Eight Update

UPSET! Or was it in the end? The number one overall seed, “The Natural,” has been taking down by Denis Leary’s stepson and his ragtag team of sandlot baseball players. Was it the trash talk of “Ham” Porter? Or the speed of “Benny the Jet” that pushed The Sandlot ahead of Wonder Boy? Perhaps the sultriness of lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn was too much for the Woman in Black. Whatever it was, “The Sandlot” took down a juggernaut.  Can their Cinderella story continue?

In the other close match, “Major League” survived a serious threat from “A League of Their Own.” There may be no crying in baseball, but there is also no votes. Or, not enough votes. Ricky Vaughn marches on.

In the other two matches, no contest. “Bull Durham” dispatched of “Moneyball” in easy fashion. “Moneyball” had a strong showing but in the end Minor League hijinks trumped sabermetrics.

And finally, the likely proverbial favorite of the Final Four, “Field of Dreams” tosses a shutout against “Major League II.” Is this heaven? No, it’s the Baseball Movie Final Four.


Don’t forget to vote. Voting remains open for the Elite Eight round until Wednesday, 5pm.



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