Cup, Check

A double dose of Left Coast Bias? Don’t get used to this.

But this news necessitated a new post. As many of you are aware, the Padres “natural rivals” are the “hated” Seattle Mariners (a team which they took behind the woodshed today in Peoria).

Well, such a rivalry, rich in the history that this rivalry is, required a name. Thus, the Vedder Cup was born. There will be much more on this rivalry in the months to come, but for now here is a link with some background information.

Having a name is find and dandy. But we needed more. We needed something…tangible. Something that copious amounts of Sculpin IPA (or perhaps, more appropriately, red wine) could be sipped (gulped?) from.

We needed a cup.

So without further ado, I present to you “The Vedder Cup Cup”




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