Bizarre Wins Are Wins

Early this week, the Padres played their longest 9 inning game in franchise history and hit 3 batters for the 22nd time in the process. 

They lost.

On Wednesday, the Padres salvaged their series against the Pirates and won the getaway game, avoiding a sweep. While that fact is not overly interesting, this one is. The Padres won the game by getting only 1 hit, a bunt single in the first. Despite that, they won 3-2. As Corey Brock pointed out in his game recap, this was only the 3rd time in Padres history that the Padres had won with only 1 hit. 

The most recent 1-hit win was on April 20, 2010 vs the San Francisco Giants. This was a bit more your routine 1-hit wins, as much as 1-hit wins can be “routine” as the Padres won 1-0. Mat Latos spun a gem of a game, tossing 7 IP of scoreless baseball. The Padres’ lone hit came in the 4th inning on a single from Chase Headley that led to their lone run. A stolen base put Headley in scoring position before he moved to third base on a foul pop-out to 1st base. Scott Hairston hit a sac fly to right field. Run scores. Game functionally over. However, unlike on Wednesday, in which the Padres did not even hit a fly ball until the 8th inning, the Padres were hitting fly balls from the start, including the aforementioned sac fly. Also, unlike Wednesday, where the Padres drew 9 walks, the Padres drew only 3 walks that day.

The second occurred on July 19, 1975. This was a bit more on the strange side. Unlike on Wednesday and in April 2010, the Padres’ lone hit did not occur in the inning the Padres scored. The Padres scored their only 2 runs (winning the game 2-1) in the 6th inning. Their lone hit? Also a bunt single…in the 7th inning. The Padres 6th inning included 5 walks, two of which scored runs. Dave Freisleben pitched a complete game for the Padres, allowing only 1 run.

The Padres haven’t been offensively stellar thus far this year. And while that is more a product of bad execution vs skill, the fact remains that the Padres offense has been poor this year. For the season, and as a team, the Padres have the least amount of both runs and hits in all of baseball.

On Wednesday, it only took the fewest amount of hits possible to win. Recipe for success? No. Odd and rare? I’d say.


Quick, who’s got more hits, the Padres or The New Radicals. BOOM, I’ll be here all night! Here’s hoping for more wins, but more hits as well. In the meantime, as always, tweet at me @LeftCoastBias or comment below. 


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  • Lonnie Brownell

    “…the Padres did not even hit a fly ball until the 8th inning…”

    To the outfield, you mean. Or the part of the outfield where the outfielders do the fielding.

    I didn’t see/hear the game, but I did hear that Quentin got an RBI sac fly in the first. So there was a fly ball, of sorts, well before the eighth.

    So…that wasn’t to the outfield? Apparently not! Sac fly to the 2nd baseman? How often does that happen?

    VERY weird baseball.