A Random Collection of Thoughts

Coffee, I need you now more than ever.

Last night Pearl Jam (you may have heard I’m a fan) played an epic, nearly 3 and a half hour set at the Viejas Arena. By time I was in my car it was past midnight. By time I was home in Rancho Cucamonga it was 2am. All of which would be fine except Left Coast Baby did not have such a rocking night and thus was completely oblivious to Dad’s need for a few extra hours of sleep.

One of the best pieces of advice I received upon becoming a Dad was “it’s all fun and games until the baby gets up at 6am.” So true. So true.

This is all to say that I have a bunch of half-formulated thoughts on the Padres and baseball. None of them are long enough to be flushed out into a full post. So instead, we’re going to do it as a brain dump.

Coffee is in the cup. My ears have stopped ringing. Let’s get started.

Josh Johnson Signing: There’s not much to dislike here. Sure, you could look at his ERA in Toronto, or more importantly his DL stints and say the Padres were better off burning $8 million in CF. Or you could point to the 2010-2011 version of Josh Johnson and dare to dream of the Padres being able to recapture that magic. In truth I think the reality lies in the middle of those two options. At worst, Johnson is an upgrade over Clayton Richard, Edinson Volquez or Jason Marquis. At best, he slots in right behind Cashner and becomes a legitimate starter the Padres can count on. It’s a minimal amount of money for a decent size of potential. And perhaps most importantly, it’s a symbolic signing that status quo is no longer acceptable.

Also this topic has been covered far better and more well-though out than I just did. Here and Here.

40 – Man Cuts: This is also a topic that’s been covered better than it’s about to be here. Mostly I don’t much blink when roster moves in November are made. But two names stood out to me. One is Dean Anna. As Corey Brock tweeted (and you can read in Ghost of Ray Kroc’s post, linked above) Anna destroyed the PCL. Sure, the PCL is a offensive friendly to put it nicely. But still, this guy looked ready to make the next leap but the Padres simply didn’t have any room for him. The second was Jaff Decker. I am not a sportswriter so my run-ins with professional baseball players are very few and very far between. But one I did meet once was Decker. We bonded over having oddly spelled versions of a common name. He had just hit his first HR (you remember, the Savoy Special one) and was flying high and was all smiles. But again, no room on the team for him. I feel bad for him. And I’m hoping he lands somewhere. I’m sure he will.

I suppose it should be viewed as a good sign that players of this caliber had no way of breaking into the Padres 40-man roster.

Nachos – This morning Geoff Young dropped a delicious sounding nacho recipe on everyone. Needless to say, looks like someone (me) is heading to the grocery store today. Still, I can’t get past the fact that he doesn’t like the pork belly nachos at Petco. Mysteries of the universe I suppose.

Matt Cameron Comps – Pearl Jam’s fantastic drummer has been with the band for more than 10 years now which is no small feat considering the band’s history with drummers during their early years. But many grunge rock fans will remember Matt Cameron as the drummer of Soundgarden. How many musicians can say they were in two hugely successful rock bands? Then I thought, the same thing happens with baseball players. They’ll play somewhere for years, become well known there, then move to another team and be equally successful. C.C. Sabathia comes to mind. Pedro Martinez is another. Then I started thinking what Padre would fit this mold. Trevor Hoffman? Cameron Maybin? Steve Garvey I suppose? I don’t know. The drive home last night was long and my mind wandered.


You guys never let me down! Per various sources you guys provided me with a ton of guys that fit this comp. Players I missed but you didn’t? Brian Giles, Adrian Gonzalez, Dave Winfield, Roberto Alomar, Fred McGriff, Ken Caminiti, and Gary Sheffield.

Minor League Logos: I absolutely love that the new trend amongst Padre minor league affiliates is to create a Swinging “Fill in the Blank.” The Eugene Emerald’s Swinging Sasquatch and the El Paso Chihuahua’s Swinging Dog. Love it! I love the Friar as a mascot and love that it’s being embraced by the organization. Also, over/under 6 months before I feel confident in spelling Chihuahua? I’d take the over.

Hoffman Donation Drive: Finally, last night Eddie Vedder mentioned that today and tomorrow Trevor Hoffman and Jamie Moyer (among others) are having a donation drive in Del Mar to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Donations can be made at St Therese of Carmel Church parking lot: 4355 Del Mar Trails Road, San Diego, CA, 92130. And you can meet Trevor Hoffman!

Every (well, not EVERY) Friday we’ll be here passing the time until pitchers and catchers report. We can pass the time together on Twitter @LeftCoastBias. Or chat in the comments. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have caffeine to go mainline. 

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