Jerry Coleman

Mike Roblee

I have lived in San Diego since my birth 40 yrs ago. My mother was also born in town and sadly she passed on the same day as Jerry 2 yrs ago. My grandfather immigrated from Germany and was a long time San Diegan and Padres fan as well. Add to them, Jerry Coleman, and I can tell you not only the three most influential baseball people in my life but people.

I fondly remember thousands of baseball games with Jerry announcing through the years. The Padres may not have always been a good team but as long as Jerry was on the box it was must listen to radio. Must listen to the point that when the Padres were on TV we typically turned the sound off and listened. Jerry’s passing is a shot in my gut that was completely unexpected. I believe Ted said it best “you never expected him to die.”

I had the pleasure to meet him a few times in recent years and I can honestly say he was the most warming and gracious man I have ever met. He was exactly the same on radio as in person and the stories he told were amazing.

Jerry you will be missed

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