Haikuarrhea: Week 26 in Padres Baseball (felina)

In an effort to stay close to our roots, the staff at Padres Public, will offer-up a haiku each Monday to describe the previous week in Padres Baseball. Restricting our feelings to 3 lines and 17 syllables to describe a week of play is a massive undertaking, but (un) fortunately, we are more than up to the task.

Like sands through the hour glass so are the days of a baseball season. As fall approaches, we collectively wait for winter and wonder what will come to pass from the San Diego Padres’ front office. Until that time is upon us revel in what you’ve learned this season from this Japanese art form:

  1. We are not very good poets here at Padres Public. But if you approach our rate of success in terms of batting average you’ll see that we have a lot of Yonder Alonso in us.
  2. Holy crap! There are 26 weeks in a baseball season? Whoa! I guess that makes sense I’ve just never thought about it in terms of weeks.

Let’s haiku one last time . . .

Ghost of Ray Kroc


Hard to come up with haikus.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Bonus haiku here!

TV ratings up.

Thirty percent? That is nice.

Time-Warner still out.

Left Coast Bias

Beer choice was better

Pitching got a lot better

Hope for better health

Vocal Minority (Nate)

76 wins

You know what that is, Byrnesie?

That’s stand pat baseball.

Avenging Jack Murphy

Below average team,

Closers are luxeries, no?

A perfect ending

Padres Trail

Another year closes

America loves winners

Fix this roster, Josh

Son of a Duck

It was spring training

Now there aren’t any more games

What the heck happened?

Sacrifice Bunt (Melvin)

Can’t spend big in draft

Padres lose two hundred mil

Won’t miss Bud Selig

Vocal Minority (David)

Build upon your core

It’s okay to acquire

Standing pat won’t work


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  • USMC53

    Another season
    of some thrills but more anguish.
    That’s our life, Pads fans.

    Season’s best highlight:
    Deno’s walk-off against Reds.
    Chapman stood in shock.

    Season’s best story:
    Gyorko proves he is a stud
    with both glove and bat.

    April twenty-fourth
    through June seventeenth was great!
    .620 baseball…
    …If only we could
    play that way for all six months,
    we’d see October.

    Pitching and defense
    are in place, but we need bats.
    Quentin, try voodoo.

    Oh well, now we’ll watch
    other teams chase the crown, but…
    (I say, “Go Pirates!”
    They are us, just further east.
    If they win, can’t we…?)

  • USMC53

    Haiku addictive.
    Here are a few more thoughts from
    Pads’ ’13 season:
    Atrocious pitching
    In the season’s early months,
    but got much better.
    Huge development:
    Cash becomes a true pitcher,
    not just a thrower.
    Cashner in Pittsburgh:
    Twenty-seven Bucs come up,
    Twenty-seven down.
    Erlin’s debut start:
    Dominates Blue Jays to show
    hope of bright future.
    Ross dominates Snakes.
    Eight innings, only 3 hits.
    One-to-nothing win.
    Trade for Kennedy:
    Strengthens heart of rotation
    for the next two years.
    Yanks come to Petco.
    Cash, Ross, Ian all pitch well,
    Pads win two of three.
    Greinke hits Quentin.
    Q not happy, visits mound.
    Breaks a collarbone.
    Venable goes back…
    Makes great catch, then face-plants to
    save game in San Fran.
    Will’s break-out season.
    20/20’s great, but fans
    ask what took so long.
    Amarista goes
    horizontal to make catch.
    Robs extra-base hit.
    Yonder draws a walk,
    setting up Deno’s walk-off.
    Unsung, but big play.
    Gyorko sets record –
    Best rookie 2-bag fielding
    percentage ever.
    Gyorko hits his first
    grand-slam in the year’s last game.
    (Too bad ‘pen broke down.)
    Tommy’s debut month:
    Hits almost .300, with
    power to all fields.
    Injuries and ‘roids
    Kept us from seeing real Pads
    play a full season…
    …still, we played two months
    of .600 ball; could we
    contend if healthy?
    Yonder, Maybin, Yaz,
    ECab, Luebke, Wieland, Q:
    Come back strong next year.
    Farm is stocked with arms;
    future pitching promising,
    but too few good bats.
    Long winter ahead.
    Hope Byrnes adds a piece or two.
    Can’t wait for Spring ball.