Haikuarrhea: Week 25 in Padres Baseball

In an effort to stay close to our roots, the staff at Padres Public, will offer-up a haiku each Monday to describe the previous week in Padres Baseball. Restricting our feelings to 3 lines and 17 syllables to describe a week of play is a massive undertaking, but (un) fortunately, we are more than up to the task.

In this weeks Haikuarrhea there will be no Breaking Bad spoilers and I even refuse to spoil the awful Dexter finale for you. But I will tell you that (spoiler alert) the Padres went 4-3 this past week (a winning record!). First they took 3 out of 4 from the playoff bound Pirates in Pittsburgh, but then dropped 2 out of 3 to the Dodgers at home over the weekend.

Pitching was the bright spot as Andrew Cashner, Eric Stults, Tyson Ross, Robbie Erlin and Burch Smith all had solid outings. Ian Kennedy was the lone blip on the radar as his numbers on the road continue to suffer (3.2 IP/6 ER on Thursday). On offense Jedd Gyorko told¬†Geoff Young to “suck it” and took 6 walks for the week which accounts for 20% of his entire season total.


The Ghost of Ray Kroc

4 and 3 this week.
Pittsburgh, home away from home.
Dodgers still suck balls.

Vocal Minority (Nate)

That is why you don’t
Put a pool inside of a
Baseball stadium

Son of a Duck

Gyorko drew six walks,
Two more than June through August…
Making adjustments

The Sacrifice Bunt (Melvin)

Part of me had hoped
The Dodgers clinched in SD
Owners have to watch

Left Coast Bias

Cashner’s year is over
Perhaps ace of the future?
The young guys can play

RJ’s Fro

I say this again
Please bring back the brown, Mike Dee
That’s not asking much

Avenging Jack Murphy

Pulsing Pirate heart
Ol’ Cash took a bloody bite
A seasoned hunter

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Despite not posting much lately due to locking himself in a room to catch up on the entire Breaking Bad series before the finale, Rick of RJ’s Fro still writes at Padres Public. I Tweet. I book the Face. I even have plussed the Google once or twice.

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