Haikuarrhea: Week 18 in Padres Baseball

In an effort to stay close to our roots, the staff at Padres Public, will offer-up a haiku each Monday to describe the previous week in Padres Baseball. Restricting our feelings to 3 lines and 17 syllables to describe a week of play is a massive undertaking, but (un) fortunately, we are more than up to the task.

The Padres picked up Ian Kennedy along with series victories against the Reds and Yankees – not bad at all. Everth Cabrera should receive his 50 game season ending suspension today. Alright then.

Let’s haiku . . .

Left Coast Bias

Ross, Kennedy, Cash

A rotation taking shape?

Beating Yankees sweet

Vocal Minority (Nate)

First win in two months

Welcome to San Diego

Nice change, eh Ian?

The Sacrifice Bunt (Melvin)

All day every day

Bullpen guy into starter

We got something good

Vocal Minority (David)

Cart before the horse

Counting chickens, or something

Fuck it. Enjoy it.

Son of a Duck

Third place is awesome

Well, maybe not quite awesome

More like less awful

Ghost of Ray Kroc

Having a brain dump.

Can’t come up with anything.


Avenging Jack Murphy

Sweet Kokomo Joe

Gone but not forgotten, your

jersey I’ll still wear

RJ’s Fro (Rick)

A 4 and 2 week?

Both teams over .500?

Pads are on a run!


Have a haiku? Go ahead and get it off your chest in the comments. Why haiku? Read this.

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