Haiku-arrhea: Week 10 in Padres Baseball

In an effort to stay close to our roots, the staff at Padres Public, will offer-up a haiku each Monday to describe the previous week in Padres Baseball. Restricting our feelings to 3 lines and 17 syllables to describe a week of play is a massive undertaking, but (un) fortunately, we are more than up to the task.

The Padres went 3-4 this week while playing all of their games on the road against divisional foes the Dodgers and Rockies. A 3-4 road trip usually isn’t that awful but when you realize that the Padres could have easily won all of the games had they executed one pitch here or there and it becomes a little more painful to stomach. Especially considering they could have gained some serious ground in the standings as the entire division appears to be scuffling right now.  They now stand at 29-34, 6 games back in the NL West and now face the Atlanta Braves at home for 3 games starting tonight. Rumor has it shirtless Eddie Whitson will be in attendance (not really) to commemorate the ’84 brawl. The team then faces the 1st place Diamondbacks at home for another 3 game set.

It’s time to haiku . . .

Ghost of Ray Kroc

Kyle Blanks gets sent down

No, wait, never mind, he’s back

Ballad of Kyle Blanks.

Vocal Minority (David)

The Maybin Return

Very promising, so far

Please keep it going

Left Coast Bias

3 and 4 road trip

So close to so much more though

Healthy thoughts for Jedd

Vocal Minority (Nate)

He can’t be Deno

He already has a name

Say it with me: #Norf

Avenging Jack Murphy

Change, Fastball, Change, Change

Chase, you gotta adjust man

Enjoy the day off

RJ’s Fro

Blanks, Jedd, Q and Cab

Keep up the solid hitting

Chase, please cause more #swoon


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