The San Diego Padres ended their 2015 season by telling interim manager Pat Murphy he would not be returning as full-time manager in 2016. And they waited slightly more than an hour after the last out of the season to tell him.

There has been plenty of speculation already on who the Padres are going to hire for the manager’s job. Most of it is just that, speculation. There aren’t many details other than a few reports on people being granted permission to interview. Which is better than no news, I suppose.

Let’s take a look at the candidates, no matter how ridiculous their candidacy seems, shall we?

It’s time to play Whack-a-Manager!

High Probability

Already interviewed or reported as pending.

Dave Roberts

Doc has been the Padres bench coach since 2014 and was the first base coach prior to that starting in 2011. Before that he was in the Padres’ front office. After Bud Black was fired, Roberts managed one game against the Oakland A’s before Murphy was named interim manager.

Mark Kotsay

After 17 seasons as a player, including two stints with the Padres, Kotsay spent a year in the Padres’ front office before taking the hitting coach job this season. Is that enough experience for a Major League manager job? Some would say that’s not even enough experience for a Major League hitting coach’s job, but I digress.

Ron Gardenhire

I forgot Minnesota fired Gardenhire just last year, in September 2014. I thought it was a few years ago. He was the Twins’ manager for 13 years. The Twins won the American League Central division five times under Gardenhire, but flamed out in the postseason, going a combined 6-21.

Scott Servais

Reportedly the Padres have received permission from the Angels to interview Servais, a former catcher, which is the continuing trend for hiring field managers. However, with the Mariners hiring former Angels GM Jerry DiPoto as their general manager, Servais could end up in Seattle’s front office or as their manager.

Andy Green

Padres have received permission to interview the Diamondbacks’ third base coach, according to Arizona’s GM, Dave Stewart. Green managed in the Minor Leagues from 2012 to 2014.

Rick Sofield

I didn’t know who that is either, but Peter Gammons apparently did. Turns out that Sofield is the Pittsburgh Pirates’ third base coach. You learn something new everyday.

Alex Cora

This came across my timeline today, after I first posted the piece. I knew I was forgetting someone, and Cora was the one. Younger brother of former Padre, Joey Cora, Alex was an infielder for six teams over 14 years, most of those split between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox. Cora currently works as a color analyst for ESPN and ESPN Deportes. His coaching experience consists of only winter ball.

Highly Possible

A.J. Preller said that some of his potential candidates could be coaching in the postseason right now. These next two definitely fit into that category.

Tim Wallach

The Dodgers bench coach been rumored to be on teams’ short lists for a couple of years now.

Dave Martinez

One of these days someone will hire the Cubs’ bench coach for a manager’s job. It’s just a matter of who and when.

Usual Suspects

Nothing confirmed, but these names come up every time a job opens lately.

Ron Washington

The familiarity with A.J. Preller notwithstanding, Washington would be a good choice for this team. He did some good work in Texas before taking a leave of absence from baseball to work through some personal issues with his family. Is he ready to come back? Who knows.

Phil Nevin

Appears to have his name associated with every single manager opening out there. He’s already interviewed for the Marlins’ job and is on the short list for Washington and Seattle, apparently. It’s probably going to take some quick decision-making if they want him in San Diego. And I just don’t see them making this decision before November.

Rick Renteria

The former Padres’ bench coach who was royally screwed by the Cubs when they decided they would rather have Joe Maddon. Makes sense he’d like to get back into the game, but he’s collecting a paycheck from the Cubs and doesn’t have to do anything for it, so there probably isn’t any sort of rush on his part.

Not Likely

Let the rumor mongering commence!

Sandy Alomar Jr.

I’ve only seen Alomar Jr.’s name in one place, this Jeff Sanders piece in the Union-Tribune.

Lloyd McClendon

Anytime a manager gets the ax, that former manager almost immediately becomes a candidate for another managing job. And the Padres hiring McClendon gives the Vedder Cup a delicious angle, quite frankly.

Dusty Baker

If you liked seeing James Shields and Andrew Cashner throw 120+ pitches in five innings, you’re gonna absolutely love Baker as manager!

Ozzie Guillen

I’ll be honest. Guillen would be an interesting hire. But I’m not sure Petco Park has a big enough locker room for his personality. Especially with Shields and Matt Kemp taking up so much real estate in there right now.

Jason Varitek

This is the one name that always comes up, even before the Padres had an opening, thanks in part to the reported question asked by Padres’ president and CEO Mike Dee to general manager candidates in interviews in 2014.

Wild Card

Ivan Rodriguez

This is based on nothing but this tweet from last night that found its way into my timeline. Take that for what it’s worth.

No Way, Unless…

No. Just…no.

Bud Black

If for some strange reason the Padres and Preller decided to “Paint It Black” again, someone must have gone insane. This would make absolutely no sense at all. I’m not even sure I want to devote this many words to debunking this idea, either. It’s that bad of an idea.

Pat Murphy

Pretty much the same scenario as bringing back Black. Why? It’s the Padres version of the Chewbacca Defense. It doesn’t make sense.

Matt Williams

Yes, let’s hire the guy that couldn’t win with Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer on the same team. That would be a great idea.

Don Mattingly

Mattingly is currently employed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Who, as you may know, are currently playing in the postseason. But that doesn’t stop some from mentioning him as a candidate. Assuming the Dodgers don’t make it past the Divisional Series again and fire him. Which, admittedly, is a real possibility. But I just don’t see it.

Tim Flannery

Flan used to be interested in becoming a Major League manager. But no one called him about a managing gig. Ever. He’s apparently been blacklisted. At least that’s what I gleaned from his interview on Mighty 1090 last Friday. For the time being, he’s having a grand old time playing music and doing the occasional studio analyst hit for MLB Network. He’s not coming back anytime soon.

Mark Loretta

Currently a special assistant to the GM for the Padres, Loretta’s name has only come up among some fans. Other than coaching the Israeli team in the World Baseball Classic in 2013, I haven’t seen anything that even hints that he’s interested in getting into full-time coaching.

Greg Maddux

Again, the only times I’ve heard Maddux mentioned as a possibility is by fans on Twitter who seemed to be just drumming up buzz and spitballing ideas for reasons unclear. There’s nothing out there that I can find that says Maddux is interested in becoming a manager.

There you go. As of right now, that is every single person I was able to find even a rumor of being hired as the next Padres former manager. Who would you like to see? Tell me in the comments.

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