Unnamed Sources and the Twitterverse

Unnamed sources.

I’ll let Obi Wan Kenobi explain my opinion of them:

“Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”

These so-called “unnamed sources” reported via Jim Bowden that the Padres rejected the Tigers’ proposal of trading either Huston Street or Luke Gregerson to them for Rick Porcello.

And the Padres fans on Twitter lost their damn minds…



Relax, people. Dave Dombrowski told MLB.com later in the day that he never even made an offer. So we can all get back to complaining about the injury bug and leave this ugliness behind us.

You see why I don’t like “unnamed sources” now?

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  • mensrea

    Byrnes is an idiot, so it’s pretty safe to assume that rumors of his idiocy are true.

  • mensrea

    Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the dude who quotes Obi Wan Kenobi?

  • Melvin

    I’m trying to understand this. The people you quoted, includng Joe Sheehan, have “lost their damn minds”? This deserves a little explanation.

    • Yes. They “lost their damn minds” as in it’s a “WTF? Are the Padres really that stupid?” situation.

      • Seeing as Rosenthal reported that the Padres wouldn’t part with a “top reliever” on 3/17 and Heyman confirmed as much when this rumor went south yesterday, how is it foolish to believe there’s some truth to it? Especially given the needs of the two parties and supposed asking price. Also, ironic that nobody had any doubts when the rumor was initially shot down from an unnamed Padres source by Marty Caswell.

        I don’t see what’s so foolish about discussing the implications of such a deal, seeing as Padres fans seem as averse to the idea of moving a reliever for a starter as the Padres front office supposedly was/is.

      • The only explanation on Marty’s thing is that it got buried in her NFL & SDSU tweets and no one noticed.