There has been a (nearly) total lack of any interesting Padres news coming out of the Winter Meetings this year. Unless you count Dick Enberg receiving the Ford C. Frick Award or A.J. Preller’s broken computer. Which I don’t, obviously.  Quite frankly, everyone else on Padres Public has done a much better job of analyzing nothing this week than I ever could.

So let’s have a bit of mindless fun, shall we?

This past year saw Alesmith Brewing releasing a collaboration with the late Tony Gwynn on a new beer, .394 San Diego Pale Ale.  If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, I recommend you get to Alesmith’s Miramar tasting room and do so at your earliest convenience.  It is a mighty tasty beer.

This brought up an interesting topic to examine:

What could local breweries do to honor other Padres players with their own beer?

Well, maybe not interesting, per se.  But what else are we supposed to talk about?

*My only rule:  You won’t see anything about Eric Show or Alan Wiggins or anyone else that ever publicly had a problem with substance abuse.  That’s a line that I won’t cross.

Alexi Amarista

Really, there’s no other choice to go with than a flavorless, warm, watered down IPA called ALExi Amarillo that is basically brewed because every brewery in San Diego has to brew a beer classified as an IPA.  In other words, it’s better than nothing.

Bruce Bochy

No matter how you pour these beers into your glass there’s always a big head of foam on top.

Doug Brocail

Brewed with steamed broccoli, a rather odd choice indeed.

Ollie Brown

Geoff has been trying to convince a San Diego brewery to name a brown ale after Ollie for pretty much as long as I’ve known him.

Everth Cabrera

Jalapeno Weed Ale.  This a real beer brewed by Mt Shasta Brewing.  I have had it.  It’s not bad.


Andujar Cedeno

Archi Cianfrocco

Has to be a Double IPA.

Jack Clark

Too easy.

Steve Garvey

A vanilla cream ale seems appropriate for some reason

Goose Gossage

Again, easy choice.

Mark Grant

Made by Alpine Brewing, of course.

Scott Hairston

Sixto Lezcano

Carmelo Martinez

I would go with something like Camarillo Martinez, but I already used that for Amarista. So…

Phil Nevin

Akinori Otsuka

Anything other than a Japanese rice lager would be inappropriate, right? RIGHT?

Jake Peavy

There’s the obvious Peavy Pale Ale or Peavy Porter.  But that’s just lazy.  How about Jake Pealsner?

Bip Roberts

Benito Santiago

Gary Sheffield

I also would have accepted Gary Hefe-field.

Craig Stansberry

Dave Winfield

Harsh.  But it works.  Also acceptable, Dave Wit-field.

Ed Whitson

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