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And Should Not Be Used For Purposes Other Than Those Stated In the Program. IFE.

The Padres held an “open” audition to find a new public address announcer on Saturday. I wanted to see what the process would entail, so I shadowed a friend who was auditioning.

[Note: I did not audition. I have a face made for radio and a voice made for blogging. And typing skills made for Twitter.]

After the following rather humorous exchange with Padres Trail* at around 7:15am…


…I headed down to Petco Park. This is an account of my observations.

*Padres Trail is not the friend I was tagging along with, but he knew I was going to be there. Obviously.

After spending 15 minutes in the line to pay for parking in the D1 Lot, I found my friend in the actual line. There were about 100 people in line in front of him.

The local news crews were out in force. 10 News sent their resident Padres fan, Marie Coronel, to do some live interviews with people in line. NBC 7 interviewed quite a few for a piece for their 6 o’clock broadcast. The Padres themselves had a video crew running around, as did Fox Sports San Diego.

Most of the hopefuls were decked out in their Padres gear. The comment of the day was from someone who wasn’t even there. Joe Little from 10 News tweeted out this:

I thought the same thing after watching the live reports on the news. Once I got down there, I saw that quite a few people were taking the opportunity to get a job with the Padres seriously, dressing in sport coats and ties.

Then again, some didn’t take it too seriously…

At least I hope he wasn’t taking it seriously.

At 9, the gates opened and the line started moving. Slowly. Because the Padres had Pad Squad Alicia checking people in and assigning them numbers right inside the gate. They probably could have had another table to check-in, but whatever. It was what it was.

I noticed the smell of fresh paint and maintenance crews on the press level as the applicants were herded to Section 115 on the Field Level, where the Padres had set up a microphone at the bottom near the field.  A camera was set up right in front of the microphone to film the auditions for the judges, who were hunkered down right outside the suite in 113.

As I sat near the back row of 115 listening to people audition, I found myself judging them. I couldn’t help it. Especially the bad ones. If someone walked up and read their script in what I call a “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” voice, or in monotone, or mispronounced players’ names, they were immediately eliminated in my mind. And there were a lot of the “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” examples. If I was a total d**k, I would have been recording the entire process just to prove it.

On the other hand if I heard a natural sounding voice — someone who didn’t sound like they were reading their version of four scripts — I found myself wishing I could hear more. But those were few and far between, to be honest with you. Especially after the first 100 or so.

My friend finally got up for his turn. He sounded okay. He sounded like a normal guy. He didn’t mess anything up. He didn’t sound like he was doing a commercial for the Giant Used Car Tent Sale in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot. Is he going to be one of the ten finalists? Beats the crap out of me. But he didn’t embarrass himself or anyone who knows him.

He probably would have been in the first 100, too, if the Padres weren’t pulling local media out of line to get them in early so they could get themselves on video for the evening news. In fact, I know it.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, Derek Togerson from NBC 7.

Now, the fact is that this was an incredible opportunity for Padres fans. Will it affect the performance of the team on the field? No. Is it a potential public relations win? Yes.

However, if this article is any sort of accurate, the Padres may have another public image problem brewing. And I, for one, am getting tired of worrying about the image problems. I just want to watch a competitive team. If that means Frank Anthony, Bruce Binkowski, or some regular schmo off of the street announces Alexi Amarista will be starting in center field, so be it.

Having said all that, looks like we already have a winner:


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