The Padres Should Bring Back Alexi Amarista

The Colorado Rockies declined a $2.5 million option on Alexi Amarista, making him a free agent. The Padres should #BringHimHome.

Here are all of the totally legitimate baseball reasons why they should re-sign Amarista:

A .231 batting average, .275 on-base percentage, and .599 OPS over seven seasons

He can play multiple positions in the field and is #BetterThanNothing at all of them

He can pitch

San Diego Padres shortstop Alexi Amarista pitches against the Oakland Athletics in the eighth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, June 17, 2015, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

His outfield defense is on point

Watch Alexi Amarista “leap” at the wall after doing the Amarista Center Field Shuffle.

Vocal Minority David can keep tweeting this photo without feeling silly

This Padres team needs better nicknames for Players’ Weekend jersey sales, and nothing is better than “Li’l Ninja.”

He’s totally adorbs


There you have it. All of the completely legitimate baseball reasons why the Padres should re-sign Alexi Amarista. Get to getting on it, Preller.*

*Don’t even think about it, Preller. For the love of Jebus, don’t bring him back.

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  • Michael

    I am guessing Bud Black must be dead and this was done over the body.

    • ballybunion

      The Rockies paid him $1.1 million in ’17. They turned down his option for $2.5 million.

      The most the Padres paid him was $1.35 million his 5th year, and averaged paying him $797K over his five years here. He’s better than nothing, but is he a couple million $ better than nothing?

      The Padres have 5 outfielders and a couple nearly ready in the minors, and they’re loaded with infielders, with more in the minors, so they already have better than nothing everywhere but SS, most of them at the major league minimum.

      Alexi was a stopgap in the dark latter days of Moorad and Moores. It’s time for him to be a super-ute for another team, maybe one in the throes of early rebuilding.

      • Did you even read this?

      • ballybunion

        Of course I read it. I even read Michael’s comment that I replied to, not your article.

        I replied tongue-in-cheek to another post awhile back, which you took seriously, and when I replied I was joking, you wrote I should have included /sarc, and called me names!

        So now I reply to another commenter’s tongue-in-cheek comment with my own, delivered in mock seriousness, and you took it seriously AGAIN.

        You need to lighten up a bit. Life’s too short to have to add /sarc after every flippant comment, especially when it’s prompted by a humorous post.