The Padres Are Blowing It: The “Your Name Here” Hall of Fame Plaza

Wow!  We haven’t had a “Padres Are Blowing It” entry in a long while.  Since March of last year, in fact.

In case you missed it, the Padres yesterday were visited by outgoing Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan “Bud” Selig.  Before the game, the Padres had a press event to announce that the Palm Court Plaza was going to be redesigned into a Padres Hall of Fame and renamed the sidewalk inside of the Gaslamp gate would now be called the Selig Hall of Fame Plaza.

Padres’ fans were not pleased, to say the least.  They’re still not happy.

I’m wondering what the Padres’ ownership and management team was thinking with this decision.  Selig has almost nothing to do with baseball in San Diego.  At least not publicly.

In the story about the dedication, Padres’ President/CEO Mike Dee was quoted as saying:

“We wanted to do something to recognize his contributions here in San Diego because they are unique,” Dee said. “Make no mistake, his contributions to the creation of Petco Park are profound. For those of us who were around and know the trips he made and conversations he had with local officials.”

That’s super.  So because he snuck into came to town and paid off had some chats with local politicians he deserves to have a major feature in Petco Park named after him?


In a UT San Diego column last night from Matt Calkins, Dee was quoted as saying what is more than likely the most Padres quote of all time:

“Most of what we do,” Dee said, “is listen to the fans.”

This was just a couple of hours before the announcement.  You know.  The one that took ALL Padres’ fans by complete surprise.

Good job.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t remember ever getting an email or a poll question asking me if the Padres should honor Bud Selig.  Then again, if I did get an email, it probably was marked by Gmail as spam.  Because even Gmail knows anything with “Bud Selig” in the title isn’t worth opening.

If they had named the Home Plate Plaza gate — or even the plaza itself — after Selig, I doubt there would be such bitterness.  But they’re naming something that is supposed to be honoring Padres’ history.  Other than the secret meetings that may or may not have happened, what in the world does Selig have to do with Padres’ history?  Let’s look at some Selig history that has directly affected the Padres, shall we?

  • 1994:  Tony Gywnn hits .394 with a month and half of games to go, only to be denied the chance to hit .400 when those games are cancelled because of a labor dispute with the Players’ Association.
  • 2001:  Selig declares a tie in the All-Star Game because the managers ran out of players.  Starting in 2002, Selig declares the winner of the All-Star Game determines which league gets home field advantage in the World Series.
  • 2009:  Selig approves the sale of the Padres to a group led by Jeff Moorad.  Three years later, Major League owners realize that Moorad doesn’t have the money to purchase the team and essentially de-approves the sale.

Yeah, I can see why he deserves the honor…

One poll I did see was the UT San Diego’s one asking if the Padres screwed the pooch erred in this naming of the plaza.

As I write this, these are the results:


What does this tell us, other than 15 out of 503 UT readers aren’t that bright?

Looks like the Padres might have made a mistake in how this news would be received by the fans and media alike.


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  • Is Just A Guy

    I have a hard time being as outraged by this move as everyone else seems to be. How often are we really going to refer to this area of the ballpark by its official name? If fans drop the Selig and call it the Hall of Fame Plaza, the problem is solved. It isn’t like anyone is going to say “Wait, which Hall of Fame Plaza are you referring to? The Selig one?”.

    Also would people have been as mad if it was the Toyota Hall of Fame Plaza or is this just because of Selig? If this is part of a quid pro quo agreement to get us an all star game (like some people are suggesting), I think that is a lot more valuable to the city than the Padres getting an extra X million from whatever corporation that might want to stick their name on it.

    • I answered this:
      “If they had named the Home Plate Plaza gate — or even the plaza itself — after Selig, I doubt there would be such bitterness. But they’re naming something that is supposed to be honoring Padres’ history. “

    • GoldenBoy

      You might be the type of complacent fan that Mike Dee is courting. The corporate dominance in the game has only increased, and diehard baseball fans have had to adjust their tolerance to put up with this b.s. And Padres fans in particular, have had to put with all other kinds of b.s., all of which Bud Selig turned a blind eye to. Naming something like this after Bud Selig is completely akin to naming it after John Moores or Jeff Moorad. It’s a reminder to fans that their fandom means nothing. It’s telling the fan that they’ve been heavily exploited, and they will be exploited again. It is a monument to exploitation.

  • Team USA

    Hey, this is nothing. Wait until next month when Mike Dee unveils his plan to name the field, “Dolphin Diamond.”

    And by the way, ironically now, the Padres better hope Selig does NOT give them a future All-Star Game after this naked sham. Otherwise, it’ll prove the oldest profession is practiced in their executive office, too.