Thanks to the lack of Padres news coming out of the Winter Meetings, I’m forced to subject you to one of my lamest ideas for a post.

The List

What is “The List,” you may be asking? In a nutshell, it’s my favorite Padres players.

This list is part of my dream roster. If I had the power to get all of these players, in their prime, together on one team, I would do it. It’s my ideal team. However, it’s not necessarily the best players. My ideal team is made up of players who also had personality. These are the guys who I both wanted to watch play and would like to hang out with at the bar after the game.

10. Fred McGriff

Personality? Really? I don’t remember McGriff having very much of that.

I’ve always admired the Crime Dog for his work ethic and way he went about playing the game. He wasn’t flashy. He just got the job done.

The real question is: Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?

9. Bip Roberts

The Bipster. That guy could run. And he played all over the field. He was Alexi Amarista before Alexi Amarista was Alexi Amarista. And he did it better. Much better.

8. Tim Flannery

Despite the fact he’s now the Giants 3B coach, I’ve always loved Flan. Even when he retired from the Padres and tried to become a reporter for Channel 8. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any video of that.

7. Greg Maddux

Who wouldn’t want to sit down and talk baseball over a beer with Maddux? No one, that’s who.

6. Andy Benes

Benes has the distinction of being the closest I’ve ever come to my dream of sitting down and having a beer with. He once was signing autographs at the Padres Clubhouse in North County Fair (now Westfield North County). My brother and I went and, as there were only about 30 people that showed up in the hour he was scheduled to be there, we kept getting back into the line. Eventually he invited us to stick around and keep him company. We just sat there talking to him in between the occasional person coming in for an autograph. I’ll always remember that day, even though most of what we talked about has long escaped me.

5. Trevor Hoffman

Like Maddux, who wouldn’t want to sit down with Trevor and talk baseball?

4. Jake Peavy

Besides the obvious baseball-related reasons, I submit this photo as evidence:

Granted, I don’t want to slug back Jäger shots with him. But talking baseball over a beer or three would be fun.

3. David Wells

You can’t have a discussion about baseball and beer without Boomer being included. And, just between us, he’s also near the top of the Padres And Pints crew’s Ultimate Guests list. If (when) we ever get a chance to sit down with Boomer, it’s going to be epic.

2. Mark Loretta

Loretta is my second favorite Padre of all-time. I was a fan before he came to the Padres, as I discovered his value in my fantasy leagues early on. When he came to the Padres, I was overjoyed.

1. Tony Gwynn

No big surprise here. The Gwynn is likely near — if not at — the top of every Padres fan’s list. If you haven’t been to El Cajon Ford when he signs there, I recommend you go. Not only because where else can you get a Hall of Famers autograph for free, but also for the chance to hear him rip on fans who bring bootleg or strange items to try to get him to sign.

And he will. Because they do.

And, yes, The Gwynn is at the top of the Padres And Pints Ultimate Guests list too.

Honorable Mention: Randy Jones

I’ve had the honor of hanging out with The Crafty Lefty on numerous occasions thanks to Rick from RJ’s Fro and Padres And Pints. But the best one was during 2011 San Diego Beer Week at an event at the Randy Jones All-American Sports Grill. New Belgium provided the beers and the restaurant provided hot dogs from around the Major Leagues, like a Philly-cheesesteak topped hot dog from Philadelphia.  In between, Randy told stories from his career about the cities represented. Rick, Sac Bunt Melvin, and Avenging Jack Murphy all ate too much and were on the verge of hurling. It was glorious.


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