Shut Up, Ron Fowler 2: Troll Harder

Retro weekend.  Three out of four games against the Chicago Cubs honoring the 1984 National League Championship team.  And brown.  Lots of brown.

You might think this would be a perfect time to announce that the Padres were working on new uniforms that somehow incorporate brown into the color scheme.  I mean, they’re honoring their past, right?  They wore the brown 1984 road jerseys two nights in a row, at home.  And gave away 40,000+ brown replica jerseys to fans on Saturday.  Brown is arguably the most identifiable color used by a Major League team.  Ever!

No brainer, right?

Then Bernie “The Woirst” Wilson of the Associated Press revealed the following:

Disappointing indeed.  But, then Fowler said something that really hurt…

That’s right.  The “vocal minority” is apparently back, baby!

I thought that whole concept finally died when Tom Garfinkel took his talents to South Beach.  With the exception of The Vocal Minority, that is.

And, if that wasn’t enough…

The reaction on Twitter was pretty much what you probably expect it was:  Anger and confusion.

But, singingfriar may have hit the proverbial nail on the head:

Here’s the thing:  Nearly everyone that has any influence over the issue at the Padres seems to believe this so-called “vocal minority” wants the 1984-style road jerseys that the team wore on Friday and Saturday.  While those jerseys are popular, and look sharp, that’s not what the Bring Back The Brown movement is trying to do.  The whole concept is intended to modernize the Padres look with something that incorporates the color brown back into the design.

There’s enough teams out there that have blue and white.  There’s plenty of teams that have blue and red.  There’s even a couple that use blue and orange.

No one — I repeat, no one — has brown.

Grow a pair, Padres.  The worst MLB can do is say “no.”  At least then you can say you tried, instead of stringing us along with teases, hints, and heavily promoted retro weekends.

As for you, Ron Fowler?  You’re starting to get a reputation of saying the wrong things at the wrong time.  Do us all a favor and just shut up and write the checks.  Let the PR department handle the press queries, because you’re horrible at it.


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