Sez Bill (7/12)

Since no one else wants to do this, I guess I’ll keep going. This week Sez Bill talks roster moves, front office changes, and rants. Lots and lots of rants.

All the quotes are in their original form. Nothing has been corrected, added, or otherwise modified (despite the Chrome browser telling me to correct ALL the spelling errors). My commentary is in italics.


Well, maybe enjoy is the wrong word…




Padres chat with Bill Center

Bill Center: Good morning. Welcome to the free-fall edition of the Padres chat. I’m guessing the Padres have gone from buyers to sellers after going 3-16 over the last 19 games. What players would you move? What prospects would you seek?

“Free-fall edition?” This is starting out well, isn’t it?

Comment From clay
Who did the Padres drop off their 40 man roster to add Rivera?

Bill Center: No one. They immediately transferred Yasmani Grandal to the 60-day disabled list to create the necessary spot on the 40-man roster.

Comment From Guest
What do you think of josh byrnes season? I feel that if we were more active during the offseason we wouldn’t be sitting at the bottom of our division. What do you think?

Bill Center: Possibly, but I’m not so sure. Two key pitchers the Padres back away from Dan Haren (money) and Edwainb Jackson (fourth contract year) have been disappointments for the teams that signed them. I really didn’t think the starting and relief pitching would be as bad as it has been. Pitching is at an extreme premium right now. They were more than 10 scouts at Petco Park this week to see Edinson Volquez despite the problems he has had.

Comment From Guest
Why does bud continue to put kotsay in to pinch hit? He hasn’t been as clutch as he was last year.

Hasn’t been as clutch? Understatement of the season.

Bill Center: He knows that too. Kotsay is now hitless in his last 21 straight at-bats. If Amarista and Venable are in the game, Kotsay has been the lone left-handed bat on the bench. With the return of Alonso, I think either Amarista or Venable will become more available for pinch-hitting duties.

Comment From Sean
If we have another losing season do u see any major changes coming to the team. If so who do you think will get fired?

Bill Center: I think that given the rash of injuries this season, Byrnes and Black will have one more season

Super. Just super.

Comment From Michael
Hey bill whats up with the main chat picture always being Salt Rivers Field?

Really? All the problems the Padres have and you have to point out Sez Bill’s avatar?

Bill Center: We’ve got to change that, I’ll get on it this week. At least we change out the picture for the replay. Very good point Michael

Comment From Chris in Leucadia
Déjà vu all over again, Bill. OK, we have heard the platitudes about Bud Black and how highly thought of he is as a manager-but if he’s so good, why hasn’t he left? Why hasn’t he been plucked away like other managers have, like Lou Piniella, John Farrell and, gulp, Bruce Bochy? If he’s so great, how can they have had another soul-smashing, hope-crushing, season-searing long losing streak? Injuries, OK, fine. No Alonso, Gyorko, Maybin, Cabrera was gone, we get it. Look at Headley’s body language—that guy walks up to the plate like his dog just died. I guess it only seems like he’s left 1,000 RISP this week. Why is Guzman on this team? If you’re a liability at 1B, the last place you can hide on defense and you have no business playing in the NL. Kotsay? Good lord. I don’t care if he’s the greatest clubhouse guy in the world—he’s had a nice long career but he’s done. Can’t play defense and his swinging at the first pitch into an automatic out is embarassing. Gregerson in a close/tie game? Absolutely brutal. But hey, Taco Tuesdays! Embarassing banter from FSSD spokesmodels and what seems like 10 guys in the booth, interviewing fans about who they follow on Twitter. Mark Sweeney is a former big leaguer who doesn’t understand the scorebook? Engberg saying ‘hubba hubba’ after a shot of young female fans? But hey, free fedoras! Smartphone cases! Dogs in the stands! Andy Ashby, whose sole broadcasting qualification seems to be that he played for the Padres. My 9 year-old asked why they kept playing the same commercial of diving catches and a walk off win, and if they had any recent highlights. I said no, but hey, look, Ron Fowler is trying on a fedora that doesn’t seem to fit so he gave it to his wife! When do the Chargers open camp, anyway?

Wow! I just copied & pasted that and I’m exhausted!

Bill Center: Chris:
This might be the all-time rant!

Comment From Sean
Is the real issue of this team not having alonso and gyorko? They really do put a spark in our lineup defensively and offensively.

Bill Center: Part of it, but not all of it. I think they might have won two or three more games with a healthy Gyorko and Alonso in the lineup. But this plunge goes beyond those two players. Pitching has been bad in the rotation as well as the bullpen. Defense has been bad. And there were a lot of guys slumping at the same time. Two plauyers would not have turned 3-16 into 10-9

Comment From Sean
Who takes garfinkels position next season?

Like someone wrote in the UT Voices section this morning, Kevin Towers. Look it up. I’ll wait.

Bill Center: I’m thinking it might be someone that Fowler knows from his past with the Padres.I have heard one interesting name, but have no confirmation.

Comment From Sean
Do you think this was a wait and see season for the new owners? Just looking and seeing how they play and getting their bearings and then putting their observations into their decisions for next year? Any chance we are more aggressive next offseason

Bill Center: How could they be less aggressive next winter? I know the new owners said yes to a couple deals Byrnes was working on which were not completed. Remember, it takes two to tango on the trade side of the equation.

The Padres, like life, finds a way, Sez Bill.

Comment From Guest
What does r record have to be to at least get one starting pitcher?

Bill Center: I’m think they’ll now be moving to dump at least Volquez and Marquis and taking a late-season look at Luebke, Joe Wieland, Burch Smith and maybe Robbie Erlin again

Comment From Guest
do you think the Padres will make any upgrades to their outfield or will they just stay with who they have out there? I love quentin but he can’t play defense, maybin hasn’t lived up to the contract we gave him, deno is a 4th outfielder. blanks is really the only outfielder I’m comfortable with. could we go try to get michael brantley or michael saunders?

Bill Center: I think they need to add an outfielder and Rymer Liriano is not a possibility in 2014 given his Tommy John surgery. Maybin has two major medical concerns right now. Quentin actually played better than I thought he would. Blanks looks more comfortable in left than right. What about moving Quentin back to right

Comment From Bill Blazejowski
Bill, I commented a few weeks ago (and have not been able to join the chats since then) that the series in SF (where the Padres lost two leads/games in the 8th inning) was perhaps the seminal moment in the season where we see the Padres’ season turn one way or another. I mentioned that how the Pads handled this series revealed that they were NOT a playoff team. [Can we not all look for “seminal moments” in a team’s season?] Yet you allowed some commenter to come in and disparage me/my observation afterward (something about “getting away from my handlers”) … and essentially agreed with him/her. I was disappointed in you for that, but either way, you would you now tend to agree with my observation? [we can all see the wheels fell off after those games in SF, and it looks like it will get worse (with injuries, trading away good players, etc)] I accept your apologies in advance ; )

Bill Center: No apology. I don’t think there was moment where it fell apart. You could start with the loss of Cabrera being the breaking point (when he joined Gyorko and Alonso on the disabled list), or the two home losses to the Dodgers. nAs for letting someone else comment. I let you comment, too.

I have no idea what just happened, but I LIKE it!

Comment From James
With players of little or no trade value to give up, Cabrera eventually getting suspended, after the appeal process could be next year, what can they hope for? Starters, relievers, all pathetic, hitting not any better. I’m waiting for the off season offer to Headley to see how much he cost himself. Sometimes not acting is the prudent thing to do!

Bill Center: The pitching jhas been much worse than I expected it would be. Not just trhe ERA of the starters, but the fact that their outingds are getting shorter recently and not longer. The bullpen is getting eaten alive. But it’s also true that some relievers — Street and Gregerson are really struggling

Comment From Michael
So how likely do you think Stults will be pitching with the padres after the trade deadline? He seems to be the only pitcher of real value right now in our rotation

Bill Center: I think you want to keep one veteran presence in the rotation. Stults would be the one I keep. For one thing, the Padres control him for another two years.

Comment From RNC
How much do the Padres use Sabermetrics? It seems like if they were using them Stauffer would be in the rotation by now and Marquis would be long gone.

Bill Center: The Padres have guys who follow all of baseball’s New Age stats and numbers. Truth is, there are physical limitations on how long Stauffer can go in a game that don’t show up in sabermetrics. Several weeks ago, someone argued that Ross should be starting off his SABR stats — which didn’t show that he couldn’t swing a bat.

Here’s where it starts to go south:

Comment From Missing Tempe (the SS)
sawadee Khop from Phuket. Please make guess of the roster moves when Gyrkro and Alonzo are activated

Bill Center: My guess is that there could be a move with Kotsay when Alonso comes back. Tougher when Gyorko returns. Forsythe is in a major slump? He or Amarista could go to Tucson. Ciriaco would have to be DFa’d

Well, Sez Bill got the Ciriaco part right.

Comment From Russ
Hello Bill; I know things look bad but after 44 seasons of Padre baseball I’ve seen it before. I call it the June swoon but it happens in any of the summer months. It will go one of two ways depending on the clubhouse leadership. Either the players will forget about team and start concentrating on staying in the major leagues through individual stats or they will continue to play for and sacrifice for the team despite the impact on their stats. If it becomes the former we will soon be 20 games out. I’m betting on the latter and that they turn it around. Therefore I say neither sellers nor buyers be. Let it ride for the rest of the season.

Bill Center: Rant!

Comment From Amir
I would move quentin, deno, marquis, volquez, street, and a couple of the older bullpen arms and bring up some of the youngster and give them some big league experience

Good luck moving all those mediocre players for anything more than a rosin bag and a couple of bats there, chief.

Bill Center: OK. . . RANT!


Comment From jeremy
I don’t think we will b sellers. With the division being a toss up, we could easily get hot again and b back in the race. Now with Richard being done for the year, I think it crucial that we acquire at least 1 starter to replace him.

Bill Center: OK, some would see this as a minority opinion

Comment From Russ
Follow up to the Rivera question. Who goes off the 40 man for O’Sullivan and who goes to the minors for Gyorko.

Bill Center: Clayton Richard will be transferred to the 60-day disabled list today, Richard will require a surgical repair to his A.C. joint

Comment From Jeff
Do you think Clayton Richard will be non-tendered this offseason?

Bill Center: Yes. I could then see the Padres offering him a minor league contract like they did Stauffer. But they can only cut him so much, meaning that given the questions and the younger pitchers coming up, Richard will be non-tendered

Huh? I don’t understand that “…they can only cut him so much…” part.

Comment From Bill Blazejowski
We are all for winning, but perhaps the best thing was for the Padres to lose a million in row. What were they truly considering to give up, prospect wise? Were they really willing to give up 2 top prospects for 10 starts from a good, but not great pitcher (e.g. Garza)? Was Fried REALLY being considered? If these reports were true, this would have greatly set back the organization.

Bill Center: I don’t think the Padres were going to mortgage their future to get a Garza or a Nolasco — which is why you didn’t seeing the Padres making a deal. That might have been what other teams were wanting, but it wasn’t what the Padres were offering. If it was, a deal might have been made.

Comment From Michael
in the daily updates which sometimes doesnt seem daily can you give us the records of our minor league affiliates? i know before we had an entire article on the minors what gives? also how do they determin who goes to short season single a and arizona rookie league? age?

Bill Center: College players usually go to short-season and high school picks start out in Arizona Rookie ball. Trying to rebuild the Daily Update and get it up earlier. Idea of posting records on minor league teams is good. According to higher ups, minor league Report wasn’t drawing good numbers, so we merged it into Daily Update. sometimes it takes longer to find good Daily Update notes.

Comment From Padre Dave
How much longer will the Pads continue with “punch & judy” Headley in the 3d spot?

Bill Center: Hard to move him out of that slot when your success rides on him being successful in that slot. Right now, Headley and Quentin only proven options at 3-4. Padres need both to catch fire.

Comment From Guest
Geez, this team has become boring to watch again.We still need a bat that can produce 25 plus HR’s are year and a Ace pitcher. Now we also need a catacher, do the Padres try to sign Mccann to a 3 year deal and let Hedges Develope.

Bill Center: It did get boring again and quick. Padres thought they had those bats in Headley and Quentin. I think Hedges could be here at the end of next season. McCann’s best might already be behind him. I’m not locking myself into three years of McCann

Comment From Guest
It seems like the main culprit for the Padres freefall has been the bullpen. I know they’ve been overworked due to the shortcomings of the starters, but it seems like day in and day out the pen blows another lead or allows the opponent to tack on insurance runs. Why haven’t any changes been made to the pen? Kevin Quackenbush has never had an ERA over 1.00 at any stop. He isn’t young either. Why are they holding him back when he could help shore up one of their weak spots?

Bill Center: Agree with the first part. Quackenbush has really struggled since being promoted to Tucson, where he isn’t closing. Also, he’s not on the 40-man roster at the moment.

Comment From Michael
How do you like the new field dimensions so far? i love it! especially the way it was done. the jack deck seems to be a huge success and it looks cool too! i think some other places that moved in the fences cough cough Citi Field looks absolutley terrible! its so obviouse. its a shame they have the all-star game. That should be ours. surprsing this beautiful city and ballpark hasnt had one since petco opened

Is this Mickey Koke using an alias?

Bill Center: I like the changes the Padres made to Petco Park. I think this is one of the few ballparks where the appearance has improved with major changes to the field. that would be Tom Garfinkel who made sure it was done right

In other words, don’t expect anything more, because Garfinkel’s gone.

Comment From Chris in Leucadia
When he doesn’t a get a call at the plate, or a player doesn’t make a play behind him, Volquez acts like a petulant little leaguer.Hope they trade him soon.

Bill Center: Rant

Comment From Missing Tempe (the SS)
How can we fans kill the “6” on the wall? Do the Dodgers have a retired 6 at Dodger stadium?

Bill Center: No they don’t. And we shouldn’t either.

Amen, Sez Bill. A-freakin’-men.

Comment From playas de tijuana PADRES
i think byrnes needs to make some moves,he hasnt done anything since the latos trade,personally i would like to see,quentin,headley,gregerson,thatcher,volquez traded and maybin cut,i tought that byrnes was going to be a much better GM… GOD bless you and your family

Quentin has a full no-trade clause. Headley, Gregerson & Thatcher won’t get them anything right now. Volquez isn’t worth $5 worth of $1 street tacos. Just gave Maybin a extension. Try again.

Bill Center: Wow. Talk about a shakeup

Comment From Josh Elliott
Hey Bill I didn’t know filibusters were allowed? When is Gyorko coming back?

Bill Center: My guess is that he’ll stay with Tucson during the All-Star break and join the Padres in St. Louis right after the break.

Jedd Gyorko was activated that afternoon…

Comment From Guest
Any draft pick signings expected today?

Bill Center: Padres have signed 20 of their top 21 Nothing significant left

Comment From Ryan T
Who are some teams with interest in Volquez?

Only the stupid teams.

Bill Center: Because his stuff can be electric at times. He has the stuff to throw games like his one-hitter of a year ago. Because of that, teams always believe they can tweak a pitcher with that kind of skills to be a winner.

Comment From Michael
I was ready to bash Chris for that huge rant before i read it, but he has some good points. Those tacos sucked by the way! Before they reached my mouth the taco fell apart. sad though cus i think they knew that cus i wondered why they handed me a fork when i bought them

Apparently, the $1 street tacos were less than what people expected. They were $1 STREET TACOS, people!

Bill Center: Michael:
I thought the same thing when I started to read Chris’s offering. After all, I only have two hours. But the more I got into it, I thought this guys is on a roll.

Comment From Terry
Rotoworld- Peavy to Arizona a possibility. What’s you thoughts?

Bill Center: Towers loves Jake and it is mutual. could be the perfect fit.


Comment From jeremy
Personally, I think we call bench players bench players for a reason. They can play a short spurt then go into a funk. Its just bad luck that we had so many injuries that we had to play all our bench for to many games. We get those starting players back and rest our bench players, we will b fine

Bill Center: EXCELLENT. You might go 2-3 days after losing two or three starters the way the Padres did. Adrenaline kicks in. But sooner than later, water finds its level. I think that has a lot to do with the Padres current plight. They’ve been down as many as four starters — and still are

Until those starters get injured again. Because you know they will.

Comment From Bay Area Ex-Pat
Bill, thanks again for doing such a great job with the chats every week. What I see with the Padres this year is not so much poor starting pitching, but lack of strong, situational hitting. What I’d like to see is trade Street and Gregerson, make the seemingly-unhittable Thatcher as the closer (eventually giving Quackenbush and possibly Brach a shot there)and bring in some bats. I’d even trade Headley for a third baseman with a power bat. Alonzo, Gyorko/Forsythe and especially the finally-emerging Cabrera are a solid infield but Venable has failed, Blanks is falling prey to scouts’ identifying the holes in his swing and the Pads are losing largely because of weak hitting. Let’s win some 6-5, 7-6 games!

Bill Center: Rant! Let me point out a couple things. Thatcher is great against left-handed hitters. His stuff would not fly as a closer. Quackenbush had been struggling since landing in Tucson.

Haven’t the Padres already given Brach a couple of shots this season?

Comment From Russ
Does this describe where the organization is? I think if we offered the dodgers any 10 players off the 25 man roster for Yasiel Puig they wouldn’t do the deal.

Bill Center: OK

Yeah, I don’t know what the point of that was either.

Comment From Michael
So im guessing Headley is regretting not signing that big deal during the season, seems like that was a cocky move on his part.

Bill Center: Officially, there was never an offer on the table to refuse. He didn’t want to discuss it

Comment From Kaycee
Padres fans were excited a year ago when we found out the O’Malley descendants were buying the club. Now a year later, the O’Malleys and Seidler are nowhere to be found and Ron Fowler seems to be the guy they put out front. Are the O’Malleys and their cousin just reclusive? In your opinion, Bill, what do these guys actually DO with the club?

Bill Center: The O’Malleys and Seidlers have not been as hands on as I thought they would be. Disappointingl.

See this post from Avenging Jack Murphy.

Comment From Michael
Seems like we might have dodged a bullet with Headley, still would like to see us sign him but maybe a deal in the 6mil to 7 mil range a year

Bill Center: I’d rather be paying more for a lot of production

Comment From Leroy from Phoenix, OR
I know that Garfinkel’s responsibilities were “non-baseball related.” But with his ouster and the fact that the Padres are almost certainly sellers at this point seem to indicate a much more comprehensive revamping of the Padres’ organization to you? Is Garfinkel just the first domino?

Bill Center: I don’t see wholesale changes this winter. I think the present on-the-field team will have one more season.

That’s nice. So we can expect more suck in 2014. Perfect way to sell season tickets.

Comment From Terry
No competition for Hundley now, do you think he can be productive?

Bill Center: Not as much as the Padres would like and need

Comment From Guest
Are we on the lookout for a full time catcher this off-season. With grandal done, hundley below average and hedges still young.

Who says Yasmani Grandal is done after this season?

Bill Center: I think they will not add a major catcher while waiting for Hedges to finish his development.

Comment From Missing Tempe (the SS)
I watch on I like the “Fox tracks Southland Technologies” strikezone box and wish it was there for the entire game. Why is it used randomly? Please kill “Social Media Tuesdays” It is embarrassing. I like it when Mark Grant occasionally shows the grip on different pitches and also like the random lessons on score keeping.

Once again, someone complains to Sez Bill about Fox Sports San Diego. Like he has any control over what they do or don’t do.

Bill Center: Consider it passed along

And, once again, Sez Bill moves on.

Comment From Terry
Do you think Tyson Ross will make it back to the starting rotation? If so when?

Bill Center: Sometime after the All-Star break (possibly when Volquez or Marquis is traded)

Comment From Guest
How is jedd doing in his rehab games? Should we expect a return possibly Sunday? Also I have a feeling we’ll DFA Kotsay even thogh he’s a great clubhouse guy, add a minor league reliever to the 40 man, call him up along with Alonso, attempt to put Ciriaco through waivers to send him down, and when Gyorko comes back send the minor league reliever back down. That way we still have 2 leftys on the bench in Venable and Amarista, and still have Forsythe and amarista as super utility players. Still pretty versatile.

Bill Center: I’m leaning in your general direction. Not sure if they will bring Gyorko back sunday to get re-acclimated or keep him in Tucson through Monday for more at-bats

Again, Gyorko was activated Friday afternoon.

Comment From Terry
Huston Street hasn’t been nearly as productive as any other year of his career, is he washed up, injured or what’s going on with him?

Bill Center: Trust me, the Padres would like to know the answer to that question

Comment From Ryan T
What are the chances that both Ross and Burch Smith are in the rotation together at some in the 2nd half?

Bill Center: Good

Comment From FL Fan
Fearless prediction: no matter what the score, no matter who accomplishes what, and no matter what else happens in tonight’s game–even if we see the first Padre ever throwing a no-hitter or hitting for the cycle, the headline on the UT’s website will be “Two Up, Two Down” (replacing the obviously outdated “Two Good, Too Bad”).

Bill Center: You are right. . . I’m not a big fan. You shouldn’t have to go out of the way to say something wrong or right

Too bad Sez Bill has no editorial powers, because I agree.

Comment From FL Fan
Does losing Grandal alter the Padres’ long-term plans for catcher, especially if his recovery from his injury extends into next season?

Bill Center: Their long-range plan is Austin Hedges, who gets to San Diego sometime next season

Comment From Guest
True or false,upgrade need for next year to REALLY contend: True # starter, Bullpen and one REAL hitter, that can hit 25 plus HRs and for semi decent average and a catcher!! Am i right Bill?

Bill Center: Right

Comment From Windsor UK
Bill, who stays, who goes, who starts, who sits, when Alonso and Gyorko are activated within the next 10 days? Thanks and enjoy the chats!

Bill Center: My guess is Kotsay when Alonso activated. Blanks goes back to outfield fulltime. Gyorko starts at second

Two out of three isn’t bad.

Comment From Stephen
Hello Bill. Thanks for these chats. Do you have an update on Cameron Maybin and when/if he is expected to return? All it says on the Padres website is possibly late July.

Bill Center: I’d say late July at earliest. No baseball activity yet. Will need at least a 5-10 game rehab assignment

Comment From Kaycee
Sad as it may seem, I think the Padres would be better off tanking the rest of this season (gut the current pitching staff and see what some of the kids at Tucson and San Antonio can do) and aiming for a #1 or #2 draft pick. It worked for the Nationals and will probably pay off for the Astros in a couple of years. Hanging on to players like Venable, Denorfia, Volquez, Marquis, Gregerson, and Street may get you another 5-6 wins, but still won’t get you any better than .500. If we’re committed to developing our own players, let’s take our lumps for a couple of years in hopes of better days.

Bill Center: Rant! And not a bad one

Comment From Kevin
So IMO here is the dilemma with Headley: (1) we can’t trade him now, his trade value has plummeted (2) if we do trade him, and don’t get much for him, we risk losing someone who could go elsewhere and become an elite player (we’ve seen that before…) (3) maybe the Padres offer him a contract now, because his value is down, but he would probably decline, thinking it’s best to wait until (or if) he starts hitting again (4) if he does start hitting again, then he wants a bigger contract, but if you’re the Padres, do you want to pay someone $15 million a year when you don’t know if he’s for real? Over the last few years in MLB in general, it seems that the majority of long-term exorbitant contracts have backfired. IMO we have a couple of those contracts (Hundley, Maybin). Where do you think the Padres stand with all of this?

Bill Center: Decent analysis

Comment From Franklin
How can anyone argue the wheels fell of in San Francisco? We swept a homestand after that.

Bill Center: Exactly. The wheels fell off when the injuries hit and the pitching went south again. The two losses in san Francisco were not some “seminal” moment

Comment From Windsor UK
Bill,you mention Blanks to left and Quentin to right. Have any of the decision makers( i.e. Bud or Josh) made that comment?

Bill Center: No. Just my thought. I think Blanks is better in left and Quentin is best in any field that is smaller then the opposite one.,

Comment From Travis
My question is regarding the Padres future at Catcher and 1st base. This will likely work itself out through injury or lack of ability. Padres control Alonso, Grandal and Hedges for a while. Hedges is a LEGIT prospect. Which leads me to believe Grandal or Alonso will be moved. Grandal is obviously not a candidate to be moved at this time but perhaps in the offseason. Thoughts?

Bill Center: Grandal won’t be able to be moved until he returns and plays well — like the trading deadline of 2014

Comment From Guzman/Venable Fan Club
Jesus Guzman is underrated. He has been a solid sub for years now and I love his attitude. I am also not ready to give up on Venable. If he were relegated to a similar role as Guzman I think those two would be a great L/R option off the bench next year.

Bill Center: Not sure either survives if they can’t improve the flaws in their game — Guzman(defense), Venable (olffense)

Comment From bobnotbill
I’d love it if you could pass this rant on to Andrew Cashner: Have you forgotten what got you to the big leagues?! We understand that you’re trying for better control and ball movement when you lower your velocity from the high-90’s to the mid-90’s, but the occasional 98 mph fastball targeting the batter’s second button on his jersey, would do wonders for your 93 mph fastball on the outside corner. You say you emulate Nolan Ryan. Well, there was a reason that nobody dug in against Nolan Ryan. There would be a lot fewer two-strike-hits against you if they had to get off the ground to swing at them. Thanks, Bill.

Bill Center: OK

Comment From seeing Flannery in orange and black still makes me ill
What is the likelihood that we will see Smith get another chance at starting this year? Andriese? Will the Padres consider shutting down Cashner if they feel they are not in contention?

Bill Center: Yes, Yes and Yes

Comment From Bob Owchinko
Can you ever remember Chase Headley having as many poor AB’s as he has had this season?

Bill Center: No

Bill Center: I’m sorry, but I have to leave a little early today. Talk to you next Friday from St. Louis


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