Last month, Avenging Jack Murphy wrote about removing distractions and concentrating on the game at hand. It was very well thought out and informative.

This is not going to be anything close to well thought out. As far as informative, that is a matter of opinion.

Say hello to my stream of consciousness.

As the season winds down, and the Padres fight to stay out of last place in the NL West, I find myself paying less attention to Padres games. I sit down to watch them, even closing the laptop and putting the phone across the room like AJM wrote about, but I have a hard time remembering things like how runs scored or when pitching changes occurred.

Now, these are either early signs of Alzheimer’s, of my short-term memory being reduced to that of a goldfish, or the Padres have started to lose my attention to the pickup soccer games going on in the park behind my house.

Quite frankly, I’m hoping it’s one of the first two. Because I hate soccer.

Why is this happening? Well, the Padres play over the course of the entire season doesn’t help. The injuries to key players like Cameron Maybin, Yasmani Grandal, Yonder Alonso and Carlos Quentin can be blamed for some of it. Tommy John surgeries for Casey Kelly, Cory Luebke and Joe Wieland has something to do with it. Everth Cabrera‘s suspension I’m sure has a little to do with it. Edinson Volquez has a lot to do with it, you can be damn sure. Dick Enberg deserves a whole bunch of blame. Alexi Amarista starting in center field is probably a major reason.

Now that we’ve determined at least a portion of the cause, how can I prevent this from happening?

Well, there’s always this option:


But, frankly, I don’t see this being viable over the course of 30 days. Plus, I doubt anyone in my family would be willing to administer eye drops on a regular basis.

Maybe I should look for the positive things that have come out of the adversity. Let’s take a look at some things that I should be paying attention to as the season winds down.

There are some examples of the positive, compelling points that should be keeping my attention. Now, what about the negative, but just as compelling, points?

  • Chase Headley‘s back issues, his ever decreasing future dollars total, and the resulting surefire descent into madness.
  • Bud Black‘s confusing starting lineup strategies. It’s September, Bud! Quit starting Mark Kotsay!
  • Ian Kennedy‘s horrible not so lucky road starts.
  • Alexi Amarista in center field. I can not stress enough how much this disturbs me.

So, what do I do?

I’ll tell you what. I’ll keep watching. I’ll keep listening. I’ll keep following. I’ll keep rooting.

And I’ll keep writing.

That’s all I can do. I am a Padres fan.


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