POLL: The Padres over the Remaining Fifty Games (Part 3)

Back on August 7th Avenging Jack Murphy offered up a poll to see how fans thought the Padres would perform over the remaining 50 games. Of those who voted nearly 80% felt that the Padres would finish below .500 (24 wins or fewer).

He then followed up 10 games later with a new poll, reflecting the Padres horrible 2-8 record over that period. Now 88% said the Padres would finish below .500.

Since then the Padres have played another 10 games, compiling a record of 5-5. Using advanced math, over the next 30 games the Padres would finish with a record of 18-32* in the final 50 games of this season.

*It’s actually 17.5 wins, but I’m giving the Padres that extra half win. Because I’m an optimist, dammit! Somebody might want to double check my math on that anyway. The first time I came up with 33 wins. Despite my wishful thinking, there’s no way that could be right. And I stayed up late to finish this after that game last night.

Glass Half-Full

Let’s look at the positive things the Padres have going for them right now:

Glass Half-Empty

Let’s be honest: This is the Padres we’re talking about here. Which negatives exist to ensure the Padres stay on their current pace of .350 baseball? Let’s see:

So there you have it. Use these pros, cons, and a 7-13 record over their previous 20 games to go ahead and make an informed decision. Or ignore everything before this and go with your gut.

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