Maybe Padres Will Bring Them Back Aaand They’re Gone

Last week came the announcement that the Padres had made room on the 40-man roster by designating Jaff Decker, Brad Brach, & Miles Mikolas (along with Jose De Paula) for assignment. That meant the Padres had the following options:

  • Return the player to the 40-man roster within 10 days from the date of designation, or
  • Make one of the following contractual moves:
    1. Place the player on waivers (which can only be done within the first 7 days of the 10-day period)
    2. Trade the player
    3. Release the player
    4. Outright the player from the 40-man roster into the Minor Leagues

The news came as something of a shock to some, as all three had accrued some Major League time. But I had no problem with it, as the Padres have a glut of talent to protect on the 40-man and only 40 spots to do it with. And, to be honest, it’s a nice problem to have.

On Monday came news that Mikolas and Decker had been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for minor league 1B/OF (and Poway High grad) Alex Dickerson.

Alex Dickerson

Also on Monday, Brach was traded to the Baltimore Orioles for minor league RHP Devin Jones.

Devin Jones

The following are some of the tweets I came across on Monday regarding said trades as I traveled to Simi Valley for a mini-vacation.

Brach for Jones


Mikolas & Decker for Dickerson


However, one person in particular was a little upset about both of these moves:

C’mon, man. The Padres could either trade them or risk losing them in the Rule V Draft. And that would mean they get nothing in return. At least the Padres get something by trading them.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.



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  • Dman27

    Sounds like we got some red tiddlywinks for some blue tiddlywinks. Same-old, same-old. Every year, we trade for players (cheap players) that the brass think will be juuust good enough, maybe they can hit .182 for an injured padre, they’re doing great in rookie/A/AA. So what? How many Padres finished the season at or above .300? None. How many years is that in a row now? But yeah, lets get some prospects that we can use for trade bait next year for some more prospects. Seriously, what’s the point of having one of the best farm systems when we just trade away any real talent we have? Who’s next? Austin Hedges? Would not surprise me one bit.

    It’s great reading all of the Padres sponsored twitter hype about how this is another great move, but some baseball fans like to see their team be at least competitive and/or a .500 team, or that’s what they might expect after all of these ‘great’ moves year-in and year-out. I’m ready to see some solid moves by this new ownership. A marque player in San Diego? What’s that? All this talk the last two years about being ready to spend some money to get this team to where it needs to be, then we sign Johnson who was terrible last season with fingers crossed that it was just a fluke. Sorry, I just don’t think 8 mill for 2 wins and a 6+ era is worth it. But it’s ok, we have Ian Kennedy.

    • dmchase87

      You’re an idiot.

      • Dman27

        Profound. Great comment supporting your view.

      • dmchase87

        Your idiotic views do not require any argument. You are simply too dumb to argue with.

  • The Abbot Costello

    MUST READ! You’re doing a fine job with FEMA, Ghost-y! If I believed in Ghosts… I would believe in YOU!

    • Not sure what the Federal Emergency Management Agency has to do with anything, but thanks.