Josh Byrnes’ Cup of Iced Coffee: A Brief GIF History

I had some time to waste today, so I tried my hand at making GIFs.

I now present you all with the first GIFs I’ve ever created.

The — now infamous — iced coffee ordered by Padres GM Josh Byrnes at the beginning of his episode of Cup of Coffee with Dick Enberg.

Josh Byrnes Cup of Coffee with Dick Enberg

The one that never even had a single sip taken from it.


Seriously, not one sip.


I mean this thing is going to get severely watered down.


Oh, that’s it. You should have just ordered ice water, Josh.



Now that I’ve figured out how relatively easy making GIFs is, expect to see more. When the mood strikes me, at least.

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  • Lonnie Brownell

    He is the man who has the drink with the straw that neither stirs nor drinks the drink.

  • +19

  • flybymine

    that is very creepy… why didn’t he take a sip? He should have at least feign a reach for the delicious beverage.

  • I know that it’s physically impossible, but that cup actually looks like it has MORE in it at the end then it did at the beginning.

    • VM David

      It grew. It became sentient, couldn’t take it, and it grew.