Last year I submitted a mock Hall of Fame vote on the old Ghost of Ray Kroc blog. If you read it at the time, I’m shocked.

I do have a strong opinion on certain players not getting into the Hall because of PEDs:  They shouldn’t be allowed to even be on the ballot, let alone get in.

But, they’re on there. Doesn’t mean anyone has to vote for them though.

Last Thursday I woke up to find this series of tweets from Craig Calcaterra of in my timeline.

By themselves, without even reading the links he posted, it’s a funny read. Then you go ahead and read the articles those links lead to. Really, Murray Chass? Only three guys?

Then on Sunday, Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe published a column sort of explaining how and why he voted the way he did.

This is where we go off the rails. Like Thomas, guys such as Piazza and Bagwell have Hall of Fame numbers and never tested positive for PEDs. But they look dirty. Something doesn’t make sense. Thomas makes sense.

This is where it gets unfair and subjective. I don’t vote for the PED guys, so it’s easy to say no to Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGwire, and Palmeiro. They have positive tests and/or admissions and/or multiple appearances in the Mitchell Report. Piazza and Bagwell have none of that. They just don’t look right.

The “look dirty” and “don’t look right” comments caused some debate, just like last year. I don’t agree with him at all.

Those guys, I assume, get paid to write stuff like this. As opposed to myself. I just want to watch the world burn make my opinion known. And I don’t get paid to do it, despite (or because of) Sac Bunt Melvin‘s standing offer to pay us in hugs. But, perhaps I’ve said too much…

Monday morning USA Today‘s Ted Berg published “4 Reasons the Baseball Hall of Fame Should Include Steroid Users.” While I don’t agree with it, I appreciate the logic that Berg used.

Here are the players eligible for the 2014 Hall of Fame:

 Name Years on Ballot %vote
Craig Biggio 2nd 68.2%
Jack Morris 15th 67.7%
Jeff Bagwell 4th 59.6%
Mike Piazza* 2nd 57.8%
Tim Raines 7th 52.2%
Lee Smith 12th 47.8%
Curt Schilling 2nd 38.8%
Roger Clemens 2nd 37.6%
Barry Bonds 2nd 36.2%
Edgar Martinez 5th 35.9%
Alan Trammell^ 13th 33.6%
Larry Walker 4th 21.6%
Fred McGriff* 5th 20.7%
Mark McGwire 8th 16.9%
Don Mattingly 14th 13.2%
Sammy Sosa 2nd 12.5%
Rafael Palmeiro 4th 8.8%
Greg Maddux* 1st
Frank Thomas 1st
Mike Mussina 1st
Tom Glavine 1st
Jeff Kent 1st
Kenny Rogers 1st
Luis Gonzalez 1st
Moises Alou 1st
Ray Durham 1st
Hideo Nomo 1st
Richie Sexson 1st
Paul Lo Duca 1st
Armando Benitez 1st
Mike Timlin 1st
Sean Casey 1st
Jacque Jones# 1st
Eric Gagne 1st
J.T. Snow 1st
Todd Jones 1st
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 12/26/2013.

*Former Padres players. Duh.
^Former Padres coach
#El Paso (Padres AAA) hitting coach

My mock ballot for the 2014 Hall of Fame:

Craig Biggio
Jeff Bagwell
Mike Piazza
Tim Raines
Lee Smith
Alan Trammell
Fred McGriff
Greg Maddux
Frank Thomas
Tom Glavine

Just like last year, I would leave off Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Palmeiro, and Sosa. They all have overwhelming evidence of — or actually admitted to — using PEDs during their careers. That, and most of them were and/or are notorious assholes.

I want to vote for Schilling. I really do. I just can’t. I can’t explain it. But I’m sure this has something to do with it.

Morris is probably not getting in without help from the Veteran’s Committee, or whatever it’s called now. People need to just accept that fact.

Martinez should probably be in, but I think it’s going to take a small miracle with the current voting setup. Look how long it took for Jim Rice to get in.

Smith and Trammell are probably not getting in. But I’d vote for them. Until I couldn’t anymore.

Yes, I know there have been rumors of Bagwell regarding PEDs, but Biggio and Bagwell need to go in together. Houston Astros fans need to have something to look forward to this summer. Adding Anthony Bass and Jesus Guzman are not going to be enough this season.

Links to a couple more BBWAA members’ pieces on the vote:

What say you? Even though it doesn’t count at all, cast your vote here:

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I’d still vote for Shoeless Joe if I could. He’s more deserving than half of these guys.

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  • Bill Miller

    I agree with 80% of your choices. Given the number of excellent choices on the ballot, that’s a pretty high rate of agreement, I would think.

  • USMC53

    No Jack Morris? I’m really hoping (but not optimistic) that he’ll get in this time (his last chance). Winningest pitcher of the 80s and a World Series MVP… I’d vote him in.

    • pat

      Wins are team achievements. Morris was at his peak, a relatively brief one, very good, but for most of his career mediocre. Hence the 3.90 ERA and 105 ERA+. He was healthy and pitched for the second winningest team of the 80’s though. Morris is nowhere near a HOF pitcher.

  • SDPads1

    It’s funny that Palmeiro’s numbers are easily hall of fame worthy yet he gets absolutely no love at all. Even the guys who are voting for “steroid guys” Bonds & Clemens are snubbing him and he barely made the cut to stay on the ballot last year.

    Tough ballot this year and there is easily over 10 hall of famers on it.

    My 10 (in no particular order): Biggio, Bagwell, Piazza, Maddux, Glavine, Raines, Thomas, Bonds, Clemens & Schilling.

    I think Mussina is a better pitcher than Glavine but for the sake of baseball I think it would be cool to see Maddux and Glavine go in together along with Bobby Cox. Schilling gets the nod over Mussina as well just so we can see what he says about going in with Clemens and Bonds.

    My 2015 ballot would be Johnson, Pedro and the cuts I had to make on this years ballot: Trammell, Edgar & Mussina.

    • Substitute Mussina for Biggio and you’ve got my 10.

  • I left Schilling off but would probably vote for him next year (I used 10 spots) – he was too just tooooo good on 3 WS teams to not get in despite career totals that are a little low.

    I believe Bonds and Clemens are Hall worthy – but I want them to sweat it out just so they know who’s the boss.

    • kevintheomanharris

      I wonder if there is ever any collusion between the voters to make sure that too many people don’t leave them off the ballot in order to give the player a minimum 5% vote to remain on the ballot for next year.

  • ItsDis

    Had to leave off Egdar, which pains me. Any way to see what % of ballots cast each was on?

    • Short answer: No.

    • pat

      Sure. BR has complete voting results.

  • Any BBWAA member who CAN’T find 10 players to vote for this year should have their voting rights rescinded.

  • pat

    Lee Smith. Thank god you don’t have a vote!